Maximize Your Guest Posting Efforts

written by BlogEx on December 14, 2007 in Blogging with 8 comments

The following is a guest post by Adam McKerlie of The Computer Zone ( If you enjoy this post be sure to shoot over and subscribe to his RSS feed

Guest posting is a great way to promote your blog, yourself, and invite a lot of new readers to visit your blog. Before you publish your guest post you must make sure that your own blog is optimized to accept those new visitors. Gearing up your blog after you’ve written a guest post is easy and here are a few things you can do.

Have a welcome post

The first thing you should do after a guest post is to post on your own blog welcoming in the visitors. This post should be short and sweet and include a few things.

  • A link and short mention of the guest post
  • A list of your most popular posts
  • A link to your feed and a way to subscribe via email
  • Your email for any questions

This welcome post does a number of things. It makes the new visitors welcome, gives them a number of options to subscribe to your feed and it also gives them easy access to your best posts. All three of these things will help turn one-time visitors into daily readers.

Back in July when Ben wrote for, he wrote a post on his own page telling his viewers and welcoming the viewers from the other blog. While I would have included the things in the list above he does demonstrate this point well.

Make sure you have content

Before you start guest posting it is imperative that you have content on your own site. Having content on your own site does a number of things. It makes your guest post have more credibility because you actually have some knowledge in the subject. This credibility will make the blogger who is publishing your guest post look good and it’ll also help you get more visitors to stay on your site.

Having content will also help turn visitors into readers. If the visitors from the guest post come to your blog and see 3 or 4 posts they’ll leave almost immediately. If they come however, and see a few years worth of posts they’re more likely to stay and view more of your articles.

Is your content the right content

Having content on your blog when your visitors arrive from a guest post means having content similar to what you blogged about. If you blogged about writing tips and techniques on the guest post and they come visiting expecting you to have more information about writing articles and posts – do you think they will be disappointed to find out that your blog is about computer games and the latest videos? Of course they will. If people see that you have a great post about writing they’ll come to your site expecting more information about writing. Give it to them.

For example, this post is about guest blogging and blogging in general and if you head over to my site you’ll find an entire category about blogging. Choose your guest blogging topics wisely. People expect you to be an expert on the subject you blog about, but if your blog says otherwise, they may not come back to it later.

Guest blogging can be a very rewarding activity. It can help you gain new traffic and readers to your blog but before you first guest post you should get your own blog ready to accept those new visitors.