Make Money Online with Kontera

written by BlogEx on January 14, 2008 in Blog Monetization with 35 comments

In a continuing effort to make money online, and to hit my goal for the month of $1,500, I’ve decided to give the contextual advertising service, Kontera. For those of you that read other “make money” blogs, you’re probably familiar with the double underlined text links. Basically, these are ads that visitors and readers will only see when they hover over the linked text and/or click on the link.

Kontera’s website describes the service like this:

Kontera’s ContentLink In-Text Advertising solution lets you monetize your content in real-time, enabling an incremental increase in ad revenue by providing a new source of untapped ad inventory that does not compete with the other ad programs running on the site. ContentLink™ also creates a valuable user experience by serving relevant and informational ads that match the user’s interest and frame of mind.

While I’m obviously in favor of making more money, keep in mind that Kontera is also trying to sell their service. Despite Kontera’s claims, the ads do compete with not just other ad programs, but everything else on the site. The ads may not take up any extra space, but they definitely do compete for the visitors’ attention. Also, even though they are targeted by keyword or phrase, I wouldn’t exactly call them “informational.”

I plan on testing the ads for a month or so and I’ll probably spend some time tinkering with the different customization and targeting options. As usual, I’ll report back on the results I see. However, if you’ve already given Kontera a try, or are currently using a similar service, please share your results (and of course any tips you might have for me) in the comments below!