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written by BlogEx on November 6, 2007 in Blog Monetization with 21 comments

The blogging world seems to run on themes. When one blogger does something, it catches on and soon several people do it. We’ve seen this in every area from ways to monetize a site, things we write about, redesigning your blog, and now we’re seeing it with selling blogs. NorthxEast was the first one I noticed selling for more than $8k. Then Blogging Fingers (yet another blog I read) went up for sale and apparently went for $6k. This morning Darren Rowse wrote a post about the sale of several sites and even tossed out a couple I hadn’t heard about.

With results like this, and the type of coverage these sales have been getting, you can bet we’ll be seeing several more before too long. The amount of money to be made is too high not to at least consider it. For example, Blogging Fingers sold for $6,000. The subscriber count is right around 200 and Matt apparently made $380 the last full month prior to the sale. Naturally the first thing that goes through my mind when I see those numbers is what is Blogging Experiment worth? I have right around 400 subscribers, and made right around $600 last month (plus I’m on pace to top that this month). When you consider those numbers, a price of 10 to 12 thousand dollars seems fairly realistic. Now I don’t know about you but that’s not chump change for me, at least not yet 😉 .

Ok, I won’t let those thoughts run through your head any longer. No, I’m not selling Blogging Experiment. Unless someone came in and blew me away with an offer I couldn’t refuse, I don’t ever plan on selling it. Besides, if my goal is to make $6k a month with it, selling for $12k would seem fairly short sighted don’t you think?

However, the point remains there is substantial money to be made from launching and then selling a blog. Often the launch is the toughest part and if you get good at doing that over and over, you could make a substantial amount of money. I mean shoot, this blog so far is pretty much a road map to do just that. Set up a blog, start writing some quality content, promote it for a couple of months, then monetize it. Just like that you’ve got something that’s worth several thousand dollars. If you can manage to work on a couple of blogs at the same time and each time sell them for a good price, you could make a fairly decent living! Granted it’s not the traditional method to make money blogging, but a lot of times it’s these outside-of-the-box type ideas that turn out to be the most profitable.

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