Lumin Premium WordPress Theme

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Lumin Premium WordPress Theme

Lumin premium WordPress theme is a no-frills, CMS style layout from the team at ElegantThemes that does exactly what its name implies — it sheds light on your content, making it easy for users to find what they’re looking for. Lumin’s sleek and professional appearance doesn’t rely on crazy, over the top JavaScriptery (a word I made up just this afternoon…go on, use it if you want) to fool users into thinking there’s a lot going on with your site. Instead, it focuses on providing you a clean and efficient way to deliver content to your users (with some tasteful JavaScript here and there).

Additionally, Lumin theme’s design allows you to maintain a page-based layout with separate post-driven blog and gallery sections as well. The clean layout of the gallery (seen below) allows for delivering content in a more functional manner. Make sure to give the Lumin premium theme a spin at the end of the post.

Lumin Premium WordPress Theme

Lumin’s gallery page features clean styling and a seamless hover effect over your thumbs

Lumin Features

  • WordPress 3.0 compatible
  • Valid XHTML and CSS
  • Smooth tabless design
  • 3 different color schemes (blue, green, and brown)
  • Threaded comments
  • Gravatar ready
  • Theme options page
  • Widget ready sidebars
  • Advertisement ready
  • Custom thumbnail images
  • PSD files
  • Compatible with all major browsers (Opera, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, and Netscape)

Advanced Lumin Features

ePanel Theme Options

Tweaking your blog has never been easier. With the advanced theme options page, you are given complete control over your theme and its various settings. Improving usability is important to ElegantThemes and they have made every effort possible to greatly enhance your user experience.

Gallery Layout Display

Lumin allows you to create a separate gallery section on your site — perfect for your portfolio or a simple image display.

Shortcodes Collection

Designing and organizing your posts is a snap using ElegantThemes’ large collection of shortcodes. Quickly create beautiful and complex layouts with ease, while greatly improving the functionality and variety of your content.

Complete Localization

Lumin theme has been localized for easy translation. Using the theme’s MO and PO files, you can quickly translate the design without having to hunt through the theme’s PHP files to change each word, (if you’ve spent any time doing this with your own WordPress themes already, you will realize how invaluable this feature really is).

Support and Updates

If you don’t have any way of ensuring the longevity of a well-designed theme, what is the point of making the purchase in the first place? Rest assured that as long as you are a member of ElegantThemes, your theme will always be compaitble with the latest version of WordPress and that their tech support staff will be there to assist you.

Optional Blog-Style Structure

If you would rather not use the abbreviated post structure, you can instead select the optional blog-style layout. When enabled, your posts will be displayed in full like a traditional blog.

Automated Thumbnail Resizing

Lumin utilizes timthumb to automatically resize your thumbnail images. Because of this, only one thumbnail image is required per post despite the various thumbnail sizes used in the theme.

Advertising Management

With Lumin, you can place 125×125 banner images in your sidebar and 468×60 ads to your post pages with ease. Advertisements are handled from within wp-admin and can be turned on and off at any time.

Lumin Showcase

Take a quick look at some of the sites from around the web using the premium WordPress theme, Lumin:

Lumin: $39 | Demo & Download

Includes the entire ElegantThemes club — truly a best deal in premium WordPress themes!