Let’s Try a Mailbag!

written by BlogEx on December 19, 2007 in Reader Questions with 2 comments

I’ve never tried this before but I figured I’d give it a go. If you’re familiar with Shoemoney’s question and answer posts, you’ll know the drill on this. Basically between now and tomorrow afternoon send in any and all questions you have for me and I’ll compile them into one big mailbag posts. The email, for those of you that don’t know, is blogex[at]bloggingexperiment.com. I’ve already been asked a few questions but rather than break them up into single Reader Question posts, I figured it would be fun to do it sort of shotgun style post where I blow through as many questions as possible. If I post and answer your question, you’ll get a link to your blog as thanks for the submission.

And, just in case that wasn’t incentive enough, anyone that sends in a question will be entered into a drawing for a vintage FireMartz tshirt! (I knew those would come in handy at some point.) How’s that for a prize eh? 😉