It’s Surprising How Much We Don’t Know

written by BlogEx on April 1, 2008 in Blogging and Internet Marketing and Make Money Online with 25 comments

Happy April’s Fools Day to you. Don’t worry, I don’t have any annoying pranks to play on you (or do I)?

Well, last night I sent “GreenLantern” $25 via paypal for winning the “What’s Your Favorite Topic” comment contest (here it is if you missed it). I’ll post a video of the live drawing below in case you want to watch the heart pounding excitement.

Ok, it’s not as exciting since I just told you the winner, but at least you can see how I ran the drawing.

I wonder why more people don’t do live drawings for contests? I guess it’s easier to cheat and give away prizes to your buddies if you pick the winners without anyone watching…

This post is not about the contest though. It’s about something much more important (not that Mr GreenLantern isn’t important, but you know what I mean).I learned some amazing things about what you are interested in. To be completely honest, when I was planning out my “outline” of topics to cover over the next 3 months, I was picking things I wanted to write about and things I *thought* you wanted to read about.This is a mistake a lot of people make. We make assumptions. BIG MISTAKE.

I was planning to continue on with the topics that Ben was covering because I thought that’s what you wanted. I was getting ready to write out the “WordPress Wednesday” tutorial, until I saw the results of the poll you took. Turns out there were only 3 votes for WordPress Tutorials out of the total 258 votes placed (as of this writing).

This is obviously not a “hot topic” for my readers, so there’s not much sense in dedicating an entire day of the week to something not all that popular. Sure, I’ll still do the occasional WordPress Tutorial, but I’ll no longer be posting WordPress Wednesday articles every single week. Maybe once a month would be a better idea…

Funny thing is, a lot of what I was planning to talk about turns out to be the exact opposite of what people actually wanted!

Let’s take a quick look at the results of the voting poll from a couple days ago. I’ll re-order the results from most popular to least popular…

  1. How to monetize your website better 15% (39 votes)
  2. How to get more traffic to your website 13% (34 votes)
  3. How to buy and sell websites 9% (24 votes)
  4. Watch me start and grow a new site from scratch 10% (27 votes)
  5. Affiliate marketing tips 8% (20 votes)
  6. Email marketing tips and getting subscribers 7% (17 votes)
  7. Search engine optimization tips 7% (17 votes)
  8. Mistakes to be avoided 6% (16 votes)
  9. Pay per click advertising tips 4% (11 votes)
  10. Motivational case studies and success stories 4% (10 votes)
  11. Reviews of your site 3% (8 votes)
  12. Watch and learn – how to videos 3% (7 votes)
  13. Contests with good prizes 3% (7 votes)
  14. Interviews with other internet experts 2% (5 votes)
  15. Honest product reviews 2% (4 votes)
  16. MP3 audio lessons / podcasts 1% (3 votes)
  17. Beginner wordpress tutorials 1% (3 votes)
  18. Negotiate discounts on products 1% (3 votes)
  19. Absolute beginner…what is adsense? 1% (2 votes)
  20. Other: (1 vote)

Again, going back to my Common Sense Marketing concept, what topics do you think I should be focusing the most time and effort on?

I can sum up in one paragraph exactly who my readers are and what they want to know. Here goes…

You would like me to start a brand new website from scratch, use search engine optimization (mostly) and pay per click advertising (some) to generate traffic. I should use that traffic to make money from affiliate programs, email marketing as well as test different monetization ideas to get the site making as much as possible (with some video training lessons along the way). I should show you all the mistakes I make along the journey so you can learn from them. Then I should sell this website.

What do you think? Pretty accurate of what you would like to see on this site?

Now I just need to figure out logistically how I can give you what you want…I’m open to ideas on how you think this would work out best. If I could just make each day 28 hours long!

So, am I a genius? No. (ironically I had to look up how to spell that!)

Do I have magical powers? No.

Yet even I, the non-genius, magical power lacking human, can still pin point EXACTLY what hundreds of people want to learn from me.

Can you summarize exactly what YOUR market wants with this much detail ? If not, why?

I’ve just given you the exact steps to collect this information.

Create a survey/poll. Create a list of questions. Wait for results.

It cost me all of $25 and a couple hours of time to learn this incredibly valuable information.

REAL companies in the offline world spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on market research trying to figure out what their customers want. I just did it in 3 days and for a whopping $25 (which I probably didn’t even have to give away to get the feedback I needed, I just thought it would be fun to make it a contest).

If you don’t see the value in this “experiment”, then you need to go back and re-read my last 3 posts. It will help you make a lot more money, save you a lot of time, and make your readers think you are a genius.

I really should be charging for this information, don’t you think?

Nah, keep your money. Instead just make it your biggest priority in life to visit this blog every single day and tell everyone you know to come to…we’ll call it even : -)

I think it would be pretty funny if this blog gets more traffic than all those other “guru” make money online sites combined. How about I focus on writing world class content, and you help spread the word?

PS – Comments below are greatly appreciated. It helps with my mind reading capabilities when you tell me what your thinking 😉