Lazy People Are Not Successful

written by BlogEx on April 6, 2008 in Internet Marketing and Motivation with 32 comments

This will be a short post today because it’s Sunday and I wasn’t even planning on writing a post today, but I have something on my mind that is driving me crazy. It really gets on my nerves when people try to shortcut their way to success. It NEVER works, but for some reason people will do anything to try to *trick* there way into success.

If you want something, then put in the effort to do it right. If you learn nothing else from me the rest of the year, remember this one thing…


Everywhere I turn, I see people trying to exploit some trick to get a result, whether it’s to make money or get high search engine rankings, etc. Here’s an example from this very blog…

Most people know that leaving comments on other blogger’s sites is a “reasonably effective” method of promoting your own website. The idea behind it is if you leave a comment on their blog, others will come to yours in return (the other blog owner and their visitors).

Sure, there’s nothing wrong with that. You won’t get tons of traffic, but you will likely get some visitors as a result of this method.

But the problem is, the LAZY people are going about it all wrong. All they hear from this traffic generating technique is “I need to leave a comment on other blogs”, so they hit 500 random blogs and leave comments like “great tip”, or “cool”. Even worse, they have some automated spam software send out thousand of comments per day.

It VERY obvious these people are only leaving a comment in hopes of getting traffic back to their site. They are HOPING for success by being lazy rather than EXPECTING success by working hard.

Everyone wants to be able to push a button and magically have money fly out of their computer monitor instantly. I know I do. The difference is, I KNOW it won’t work. Apparently thousands of other people are still hoping it will happen.

You see the same thing with those “made for adsense” type websites, the one’s using content scraped from other sites. There is no possible way those websites will last more than a few days without getting banned by search engines (if not hours), but people still make them because all you have to do is push a button and the “work” is done.

These are also the same people who are complaining in the chat forums saying how hard it is to make money online and how every training program out there is a scam.

Unfortunately, lazy people like this WILL NEVER BE SUCCESSFUL! If you are one of these people trying every trick in the book to have instant success, take this message as a kick it the butt.

It takes just as much time to try 50 different “tricks” as it does to just build one or two quality websites, websites that are hundreds of times more likely to be successful.

I used to be stuck in this “get rich quick” mindset, so I know it’s hard to get past the feeling of thinking there must be an easier way. There’s not. But as long as there are people who think there’s an easy way to success, there will be people trying to sell them get rich quick scams.

To be successful in your life, whether it’s financial success, health success, relationship success, or whatever success means to you personally, it’s not as difficult as most people make it seem.

There is one simple statement that I live by, and it’s probably the most powerful sentence in the world. In fact it’s only 3 words.

If you do what this one sentence says, you WILL BE successful in every aspect of your life.

Are you ready for it? Here it is: ALWAYS OVER DELIVER!

  • If you tell someone you will ship their product out in 4 days, try to get it out the same day.
  • If you tell someone you will have the report done by Friday, get it done on Wednesday.
  • If you quote someone $500 for a project and it didn’t take as long as you thought, only charge them $350.
  • If you write blog posts 5 days a week, make the posts as valuable as you possibly can.
  • If you sell a website and offer 30 days of training, call them 3 months later and ask if they need any help.
  • If your personal trainer wants you to run 1 mile, run 2 miles instead.
  • If your wife wants you spend an extra hour a week with you, spend 3 extra hours with her.

Ok, you get the point. When you do this, you will see dramatic things happen in your life.

  • You’ll make more money because people will notice the extra effort.
  • You’ll get more word of mouth advertising.
  • You’ll have more people following you and taking your advice because you are providing more value to them.
  • You’ll become healthier because you won’t be doing the bare minimum just to get by.
  • You’ll have better relationships because you’re not just giving your parter what they want, but giving them more than they expected.

Try it for a week and see what happens. I guarantee you will be amazed with the results. Keep these three words in the back of your mind at all times and it will become almost automatic to you. You can even try it at work on Monday. When someone asks you do something, rather than say I’ll try to get to it later, stop what you are doing and help them on the spot.

When you re-train yourself to always over deliver and not be lazy, your life will never be the same.