iVoted: A Real Time Audience Response System For Collecting Visitor Feedback

written by aext on September 8, 2011 in Tools with no comments

One of the most important measurable metric for any website owner is how users see it and use it everyday. There are a lot of different tools and analytics programs available for measuring visitor reaction but at the end of the day, nothing beats direct feedback from users. Generally, there are two ways to collect visitor response – Polls and feedback forms. While these primitive methods still gets the job done, they are not as effective as a social audience response system like iVoted.

iVoted is a revolutionary web-based audience response system for website owners to gather feedback, opinions and answers from users. As the owner of a website, you can create polls and receive responses to your question or poll through email, Twitter, SMS, web and other platforms. This is a win-win situation for you as well as your users. Your users can send their response using a platform that is convenient to them. So you will get more genuine responses and when a portion of these responses come from Twitter and the web, it helps spreading the word about your website and ignites a viral reaction. Very interesting!

For example: if you are a teacher and want to have a proper student response system that’s accessible from anywhere, iVoted is the way to go. Your students can quickly answer your question from anywhere, not just from your personal blog. This helps in getting responses faster and from the response data, you can take decisions in almost real time.

Getting started with iVoted is easy. Create a free account, verify it, create your poll and share it on your blog, Twitter profile or you can even email the link to your users. Once the responses and answers start pouring in, you can track them from your online iVoted dashboard. iVoted is ideal in situations such as SMS polling when you are collecting votes using SMS and need a central place to manage all responses obtained through email, Twitter, SMS and so on.

Overall, anyone who wants to collect user feedback from a large group of people in real time should use iVoted, rather than using survey forms and polls which are static in nature.

iVoted comes in both free as well as premium memberships. As a free user, you can collect responses from up to 25 people for a single form while premium plans of $19, $49 and $99 a month lets you collect responses from 100, 350 and 1500 voters respectively.