Increasing your Sales with E-mail Marketing

written by aext on February 14, 2012 in Articles and Freelance & Business with no comments

E-mail Marketing is one of the best evolving ways of increasing sales. Emails and repeat emails works as provoking advertisement for audience about a product or a scheme. Before going into the prospects of email marketing and the process of standard emails and email follow ups, let’s first discuss about the the different types of customers such as immediate, repeat or loyal customers and the strategies of business within the light of email marketing.

Every business aims at making more money than the amount of money spent for its foundation. This is the basic rule of any business. When the revenue covers the spent money, the actual profit starts counting. Few basics perspectives of any business:

  • A healthy perspective of costs

  • Increasing the return of revenues

  • Increasing sales traffic through email follow ups

  • Profit from repeat and referral business

The foundation of any business is built over the prospects of customers. The more number of customers, the greater the business turns. There must be a minimum number of customers for a business to survive. Now the question comes how to bring these customers. Your business is brand new for the market and the audience has no idea about the product. In such cases two things are very important, first to introduce the product in such a way that it leaves an impact upon the audience and secondly to advertise it well enough to sell the product.

Customers won’t come to your website or buy your product regularly unless your business is at the top of the market or you are communicating well enough with the customers.  You have to find out ways to speak about your business well enough to reach out customers. And the basic factor is with the application of these ways, it should bring enough customers to end up with profit rather than ending up with lots of investment without any returns. Thus, another business rule appears here: “your communication effort should result with more money than it costs.”

While talking about customers, let’s understand the different types of customers for a business:

Immediate customers: Customers who becomes immediate buyers of a business, reason can be anything such as they know the product well, convinced with the marketing pitch, necessity of the product or having enough money to experiment.

Repeat customers: Customers who tends to come back to you for future deals, reason can be a growing reputation in the market, efficiency of regular email follow ups, interesting schemes of profits and rewards and so on.

Loyal customers: Customers who becomes regular buyers of your product and a few changes in costs and schemes might not take way this section of customers.

Never returning customers: These are the customers who are not liable to buy your product and here to reason can vary such as being a loyal customer to some other brand, product not being necessary for the customer, or just not being convinced with the idea behind your business.

Now let’s see how email marketing helps to build up customers for your business. You need to understand the average type of customers for your business. If your business gains few immediate customers, you might be aware of the fact that the reason might be anything and this is a very rare thing to happen regularly and therefore email follow ups speaking well enough about your business is very necessary. For the repeat customers, email marketing helps to turn them to loyal customers for your business. On the other hand the never returning customers have a very low prospect of coming to your business. In that case emails marketing should be designed keeping in mind your immediate, loyal and repeat customers rather than the never returning customers.

Emails help to advertise your product well among the audience. Every business needs to speak well and speak aloud during its initial days to build up a trust among the audience. Your audience might be completely unaware of your product and in such case an introductory email will say it all. However, the email should qualify few basic criterions:

  • Email should be crisp and clear about what it wants to say

  • Clearly mentions the schemes and profits

  • Must be interactive and interesting

  • Should not pitch much on buying

Crisp and clear emails suggests that it directly speaks about the benefits of the products and giving all the details about the product and thus giving lesser time for the audience to get deviated from the email’s main aim. The emails should mention the schemes and profits for the customers clearly, so that the attention of the audience is easily grabbed which will help to build up an immediate trust over the product. Emails should be interactive and interesting. Interactive in the sense, emails should direct to your website through hyperlink and there should be features for signing up or becoming a member with available benefits for the users. Emails should be interesting enough to hold the customers attention. The way your business is spoken about has a great impact on your users. Therefore, if emails don’t helps to bring enough traffic for your business, you should make out the loose ends of your emails. The emails should not pitch much on buying, so that the customers get quality time to think about your product rather than getting irritated with your forcing marketing pitch.

What are Periodic emails? Periodic emails are the easiest ways to bring loyalty, repeat sales and referrals. In order to make your immediate customers come again to your product or website, you need to send periodic emails to remind them regularly that your business exists. People tend to forget things soon unless it becomes a strong entrepreneur in the market. Therefore, periodic emails will help the audience updated with your business and products with time.

People who are completely unaware of your business are very unlikely to buy your product with a single message. Therefore periodic emails will help to drive such people into trust of your business world. For repeat customers there should be periodic emails speaking about the profiting rewards for the regular customers, which will help your repeat customers to understand the fact that you respect and value their presence in your business.

Fact about periodic emails:

The more your customers become familiar with your business, the fewer emails you need to send. After a certain point of time, emails can be just payment reminders or introductory emails of any new product launch.

It should always be remembered that repeat customers are the most valuable customers, because this is the section of audience which will bring profit to your business. And bringing customers to your business for the first time is tough but keeping your first customers for longer is tougher. Once the repeat customers become more familiar with your business and a mutual trust is build up, then you don’t need to handle them as much as when they were new.

Sending multiple messages:

Sending multiple messages or emails helps your audience from forgetting completely about your business. A repeated marketing email increases immediate purchases over the time. Repeat emails help to build up the trust between your business and your customers while follow up emails with profits and rewards tend to justify such immediate purchases.

Sending repeat emails helps to drive the interested customers to turn as a immediate purchaser of your product and helps your immediate purchaser to turn as your repeat or loyal customers over a period of time.

Frequency of sending repeat emails:

The frequency for sending repeat emails should be correct. If your frequency of sending emails are not correct people might not open your emails. It has to match their frequency. For this, you need to first understand the average time of purchase a customer makes in your business.

  • If your average customer purchases your product once in a month, a monthly email asking for purchase is effective.

  • If your average customer purchases your product once in a year, a monthly email might tend them to unsubscribe your emails.

Your emails should be memorable and striking for the customers to remember. A welcome email always helps to speak about your standards. Your emails should be consistent and should maintain the time of its being sent.

  • Periodic reminder for business prospects

  • Avoid too much gap between communications

  • Be consistent with your timing for email send up

Email follow ups should contain only the required information that a customer might want. Your emails must be concise and precise for the customers to scan easily. It should speak about the costs and profits clearly to drive the interest of the customers. You can make your emails interesting by featuring in your email some popular product, inviting your customers for an event, a video or animation of sales, featuring special discounts and deals and so on. With all these features emails and email follow ups not only increase the sales of a business but helps to stabilize a business among the audience.