Important Elements to Consider at Developing SEO Strategy

written by aext on April 11, 2010 in Web Development with 34 comments

Ever wondered what factors decides how good at Search Engine Optimization ‘SEO’ you can be, we all do at certain point while trying to figure the ins and outs of it. Here are some factors that will help you improve your SEO skills, and will get anyone ready too immerse further in one of the most important elements of online exposure, Search Engines.

The day has gone when most developers were not aware of .htaccess tricks to handle basic SEO on their own. Companies spent thousands of dollars on hiring SEO professionals. Scripts for .htaccess were really hard to find, and used only by well known sites.

After the arrival of revolutionary open source platforms like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, among others, things have changed and the basics of SEO are no longer a mystery, and many tutorials on Search Engine Optimization started to appear all over free of cost.

Today even the most basic website builder will offer you a variety of tools for on-page SEO and website structure optimization. But still, this is only the top of the iceberg. We hand picked a few factors that affect the outcome of a well planned policy, and what points to consider to have a better acumen for the course of action to implement.

1. A good SEO person plans policies after going through many aspects of the Client’s business.

In actuality, SEO is not just all about giving the site a high ranks on Search Engines for short time. It involves additional work, and the additional fragments that keep changing from time to time.

2. Always finalize a policy with broad research according to newest needs.

Once done with implementation, don’t alter much. Continue with what it was planned in the first place. Modify only as needed and accordingly with the original policy limits, so links won’t change. Search Robots may not like it if your link structure changes, when they re-crawl your URL and find those links unavailable. Stick to a consistence URL structure.

3. If you think SEO is not a big deal, think again.

You might have not gone through designing complicated projects. Sorry for being rude, but you can make your client fool but not the Search robots as they have smart algorithms that filter the quality and consistency of policy.

4. The SEO get more and more complicated and powerful as you keep categorizing products on the site.

Always categorize products and understand the nature of audience, humans and robots equally if you are willing to design a sound policy.

5. Your previous work in SEO provides only limited help on the next project, never rely totally on it.

The number of sites are increasing every day and so as the importance of SEO to increasing visibility. Because of this, Search Engines are always re-consider and enhancing their algorithms and the ways they rank sites, research and keep on the know of the latest changes they apply.

6. Don’t think you can complete the goals by copying same method for different project.

The policies differ as the nature and focus of the Project is different, plan every single project properly.

7. There is no degree or official training in SEO.

Policies and techniques are changing, and the only way to stay up-to-date is to extend the research level. Learn what you have lost and gained from previous projects, and what are other developer doing, and why. Examine the traffic log of your sites to better understand the nature of robots and visitors requirements, and how can you make exploration easier.

8. Modern SEO is not just limited to improving a site quality of link and keyword.

It also includes the online marketing of the site on the basis of your own site though search engines. Modern SEO also includes having clear visibility in social networks as they are in many cases the major sources of traffic. Many blogs have figures as 50% of their traffic arriving from social networks. Means utilizing Social Networks as channels to improve SEO relevance also matters.


The biggest problem with most SEO policies is that they overlook previous polices and keep thinking for new ones. However this can also be a positive point, because it keeps the SEO policy of their project updated according to the latest needs. However the problem could arrive, when constantly switching policies over again. And it mostly happens, in cases when a designed policy lacks of good research.

Remember, once you change a site’s policy, it also lose a heavy amount of traffic from external links as in most cases the URL could also be altered.

Before getting started on SEO policy, remember that every channel of a site should be categorized well. Many successful SEO people are enjoying six figure incomes. But no one can be sure to earn the same in the future, as things in SEO field keep changing and only the ones with up-to-date knowledge can thrive.

No denial, blogs and books on SEO have made it easy to establish basic SEO policy. But it should be understood, SEO is a wide field and needs time and focus as the development and designing of policies changes depending on every site requirements.