Important: A Change In Plans…

written by BlogEx on March 6, 2009 in Site News with 7 comments

After I sent my last email about possibly selling my businesses, I received a ton of encouraging replies. After some careful thinking, I’ve come up with a new plan… and were originally setup, and continue to be, an extremely valuable source of information to help people make money online.

I’ve been so busy with my new business ventures that I virtually abandoned Blogging Experiment the last few months, which I feel terrible about.

While running this business, I’ve met many very successful people who know a heck of lot more about internet marketing than I do. I know buying & selling websites better than most people, but when it comes to the overall internet marketing step by step techniques, I’d give myself a 7 on a scale of 1-10.

One of these people I’ve met is named Kyle, & he has an enormous amount of experience with making money online. He’s another one of those guys, like myself, who spends his time actually making money online, not selling stuff about making money online.

One thing that I feel the BASW course and the Blogging Experiment site has been lacking over the last few months is someone who can fill in the gaps. Someone who can share the step by step actions anyone can take to market their site properly, so that it WILL be worth the 6 figures when it comes time to sell it later on.

Kyle is the perfect fit…

So, what I’ve decided to do is have Kyle step in and run the day to day aspects of the businesses. I’ll remain in the background, working with Kyle in a consulting role & to help support students of the Buying & Selling Websites training course. I’ll also be posting here from time to time, just not as frequently as before.

If you liked the content I’ve been sharing with you, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet :)

Hopefully Kyle doesn’t make me look too much like an amateur!

In the economic chaos we’re in, there is never a better time to teach people how to start a web business from scratch, or buy an existing one and build it up to a 6 figure business.

Blogging Experiment will continue to be a top resource for making money online with new material on the way very soon.

I think you’ll agree in no time, that I’ve left things in very good hands…

Until next time,