Importance of Color Schemes & Fonts in Web Design

written by aext on October 28, 2011 in Web Design with no comments

When designing a web site, the color scheme and fonts used play an important role in whether visitors will choose to “click here” or move on down the super highway. A dynamic color scheme will catch the eye of those browsing for interesting sites, while a drab, boring color palette will have potential users passing by as quickly as they can. A sharp, easily read font will also give those surfing the web a reason to stop and stay awhile.

Web design is only partly a technical skill. While it is true that a web designer may know a lot about writing code and building the structure of a page, it is the graphic design aspect of creating the page that lures in the visitors. With so much depending on traffic, this is crucial to the website’s success. Whether driving traffic to gain advertising revenue or attempting to bring in customers to purchase a product or service, it is imperative that people stop and spend some time at your site.

It is important that while each page of a website is unique, they should all follow a common color scheme with similar fonts so that each page on the site is consistent and recognizable. This does not necessarily mean that all pages will use the same colors, but there will be a similarity between color schemes of the pages. For instance, each page might have a dark border with a pastel shade of the same color behind the body of text on the page. While the colors might change, the overall scheme would stay the same.

This is true of the fonts used on individual pages as well. While the same fonts may not be used on every page, they should follow the same general pattern, The person creating the web design must be sure that the font styles are consistent, clear and fit the page well. When an appropriate font is mixed with an attractive color scheme, the foundation of the page will be strong enough to support whatever photographs and graphics are needed to complete the design.