How To Inflate Your BlogRush Credit Count

written by BlogEx on September 18, 2007 in Blog Marketing with 4 comments

Whenever any new program or system is released, exploits and manipulations are sure to follow. Unfortunately the blogosphere’s latest darling, BlogRush is no exception. Here are two quick and easy ways to artificially inflate the number of credits you earn in the new system. This post is a “how to” not a “should you” post. I’ll leave the ethical debate up to you and your conscience.

(Note: Before signing up for BlogRush through my or any other affiliate link, please read the Don’t Rush to Sign Up for BlogRush post to avoid shooting yourself in the foot.)

BlogRush Logo

Refer Yourself
BlogRush has a 10 tier affiliate program that rewards credits for the activities of your referrals or what’s known as your downline. Usually a 10 tiered program involves 10 different people all profiting from the actions of one referral at the bottom. However, if you become two of those ten people, you instantly double the number of credits you earn. For example, say you have two different websites that you’d like to enroll in BlogRush (BR). Of course BR allows you to add more blogs to your account but why do that when you can get paid twice for doing something once? If you sign up once using your less trafficked site, and then refer yourself and sign up a second time with your more popular site, you’ll earn twice the credits from your popular site’s activity. Also, by referring yourself, and then promoting the service, you can earn twice the number of credits from referring new members. Basically, for every action that should reward you with 1 credit, you’ll be earning 2 instead.

Fake Impressions
There is one main flaw inherent in any impression based system. That is of course the issue of fake impressions. Fake impressions appear to be legitimate impressions offering the same chance that the viewer will click through to one of the sites listed in the BlogRush widget, but in fact, they’re not. Extra impressions can be generated in countless ways, the easiest being setting a web browser to automatically refresh a page displaying the widget at a certain interval. Lets say for instance you decided to refresh the page 4 times a minute for an hour and poof, you’ve earned 240 credits. Since this probably isn’t the most discrete method, many people will likely search for other methods. Whether it’s writing scripts to send bot traffic, placing the widget on pop-up or pop-under pages, or simply buying traffic from one of those “1 million visitors to your site in 24 hours for only $29.95” it’s fairly simple to generate a whole boat load of fake impressions.

Of course BlogRush is not ignorant of this weakness, in fact they addressed it on their announcement yesterday.

“How Will BlogRush Stop People From Abusing The Network?”

We are putting many things in place (in addition to what we already have.) We are also in the process of activating a full “Review” process for all member blogs; using some automation and HUMAN REVIEW. Please know that BlogRush will do everything necessary to stop all fraud and abuse of our system. We have no choice but to protect the integrity of our network.

Does that sound like a “oh, we’ll handle it, just trust us” type answer to anyone else? I mean who’s to say how much traffic my site gets? How would they know whether those impressions are legit or not? Especially if coded it to hit one of the titles in the widget at random? I mean hell there are already plenty of bots that promise to generate adsense clicks, what makes BlogRush think their detection systems are going to be better than Google’s?

So, there you have it, two fairly quick and easy ways to earn extra credits to promote your site or sites on BlogRush. Enjoy!

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