How To Buy And Sell Websites Class

written by BlogEx on April 17, 2008 in Make Money Online and Selling Websites and Buying Websites with 7 comments

Before we purchased a couple weeks ago, we were in the planning stage for our next business idea. The next business we were going to tackle was supposed to be a training class to teach people how to buy and sell websites and make tons of money (like we’ve been doing for 5 years now).

The concept was to share every ounce of information in my brain regarding buying and selling websites. In other words, the exact same knowledge we used to sell over $700,000 worth of websites in the last 2 years.

As I was preparing my outline for the course, I was checking out some of the typical buying and selling related websites such as Sitepoint, Ebay,, etc. That’s when I found out was for sale. We had NO INTENTION on buying a website that day, but it was an opportunity we couldn’t pass up.

Now, a few weeks later, the dust has started to settle and the chaos of managing this new blog venture is much calmer now.

So, it’s probably a good time to pick up where I left off a few weeks ago and continue planning the outline of the buying and selling websites training course (hopefully I don’t find any more great website deals and get thrown off track again!)

Here’s the basic outline for course that I’ve put together so far…

General Website Business Investing Overview:

  1. Why prior experience is not necessary.
  2. I’ll explain the types of projects you should focus on for maximum profit potential.
  3. I’ll share the price ranges of possible deals you can expect.
  4. We’ll go over legal issues such as starting a company vs just doing it on your own.
  5. Who you should have on your team when it’s time to sell.
  6. Explain the timeline of ownership & taxes.
  7. Should you use a broker to buy or sell websites?
  8. How risky is this business idea?
  9. Why should you sell a site when it is making good money?
  10. How to plan the sale of your site from day one.
  11. Get your mindset right, motivation, take action, and focus on the end prize.
  12. Why buying and selling websites is the best business to be in and will continue to be for many years
  13. Why there is no such thing as competition in this business and why there is an unlimited supply of customers/buyers.
  14. Other business opportunities that exist in this market buying & selling website market.

Buying Websites:

  1. Quick overview for what kinds of sites to look for and what to avoid.
  2. Why buying a website is such a good idea.
  3. Where to find websites for sale.
  4. Best types of sites to buy.
  5. How much to pay for a website.
  6. How to transfer the funds to the seller.
  7. Fraud checklist to make sure you don’t get “taken”.
  8. How to verify the facts & figures the seller provides (due diligence stage).
  9. How to write a purchase agreement to protect you.
  10. Should you use a lawyer and accountant?
  11. How to find rundown sites and buy them for pennies on dollar.
  12. Negotiating tips for getting the best deal (cheaper prices, payment terms, etc).
  13. See case studies of my most recent three website purchases.

Selling Websites:

  1. What types of sites do buyers want to buy?
  2. How to make websites 2-3 times more valuable to a buyer.
  3. Ways to fix up websites that you bought.
  4. Where to sell your websites.
  5. When to use a broker.
  6. How to collect money from buyers.
  7. How to transfer ownership to new owners.
  8. Get a copy of the purchase agreement written by my highly paid mergers and acquisitions attorney.
  9. How long it takes to sell a website.
  10. What kind of buyer should you be looking for?
  11. Should you consider owner financing/taking payments?
  12. How long to hold a site before selling it and why.
  13. Explain the various taxes associated with selling websites.

Building New Websites (Show The Process As outlined Below):

  • Pick a niche topic first (choose 3 of your favorites)
  • See how many ads in google for each niche
  • See if there are any affiliate programs available
  • Is there something you can create that’s unique only available through you
  • Are there other websites with traffic/mailing lists you can partner with
  • Are there enough things to write about continuously.
  • Do some quick keyword research
  • Only pick something that is proven…new, never done before = failure
  • Buy domain name
  • Buy hosting
  • Setup website on hosting account
  • Make an outline of topics you are going to cover on your site
  • Start creating a product and/or writing content
  • Setup autoresponder if your niche would benefit from one.
  • Start getting links to your site.
  • Start buying PPC ads for cheap traffic in google (depending on your site topic)
  • Have some decent graphics made to make your site look more professional
    (easier to sell that way – my “dream team” can help with this).
  • Should you build a network vs one site?
  • How to build value for your website visitors & ultimately the buyer of your website.

The outline above is the “foundation” for what it takes to be successful in this business. Obviously as I get feedback from you and other members, I’ll add additional training sessions to cover those topics as well.

This class will be strictly based on our real life experience of buying and selling websites, not some theory of what you “could do”. The content of the class will be based on my specialized expertise (buying and selling websites in the $10,000 to $575,000 range). I’ll probably also touch on a few smaller deals for those just starting out.


I’m not going to turn this blog into a “Buying and Selling Websites Sales Letter” for the next few weeks until the training class begins. This will likely be the only blog post about the class itself.

If you are interested in joining me for this class, you must signup to receive the Special Report at the top right of this page. By doing that, you will be put on a special mailing list specifically for buying and selling websites. That’s where you’ll find out more about the class, when it starts, etc.

If you’ve been reading this blog since I purchased it, you know I always over deliver with top quality content. This blog is a sample of my “free content”, so you can imagine how valuable the content will be for a full blown training class that I develop.

I don’t have all the details worked out yet as far as pricing goes, exact start dates for the class, etc. My plan is to have a “mini class” first (maybe 20 or so people) and see how it goes. I’ll use this mini class to start getting feedback from these first 20 “guinea pig students” and make sure I have answered every one of their questions.

Once this first mini class is over, then I’ll probably use that content and do a second class to a larger group of people, probably about 200 or so (or however many I think I can support without sacrificing quality).

I’d like to start the first mini test class either the last week in April or first week in May, so it’s coming up quickly…

When the class is released to the larger group, the price will be much higher than my little test class, probably about double. So, if you are interested in buying and selling websites and the enormous opportunity there is in this business, make sure you sign up to get the Special report in the top right corner of this site.

If you can get into the first mini class, you’ll not only have more one on one attention, but you’ll also save a lot of money vs waiting to take the second class later.

I’m thinking the class will be about 3 weeks long. The lessons will be a combination of video recordings, audio lessons and written articles. The videos and audio recordings will be transcribed so you can read them if you don’t like videos or MP3s. The original plan was to charge $400 for the 3 week class because I want everyone to be able to afford it, yet make it worth my time and be able to provide extreme value. So, based on this price range, the early “mini class” will be around $200 or so I’m thinking. And the mini class will only be offered to those who have signed up to the Special Report (ie – readers only).

I could just as easily create one of those $2,000 home study courses for this topic, but I’m not a big fan of those overpriced courses.  I want to make sure anyone can take the class, not just the people who are ALREADY successful and have that much money to throw around. I guarantee it will be the most valuable training you’ll ever find online, so even at $2,000 it would be a bargain. At $200 (90% off), it’s a no brainer…

If you have any questions about the training class, feel free to leave a comment below (or email me if you have a private question).