How To Add A Forum To WordPress

written by BlogEx on March 25, 2009 in Blogging and WordPress Wednesdays with 44 comments

For those interested in learning how to add a forum to your WordPress site or blog, bbPress is a nice program from the creators of WordPress to help you do just that.


Like WordPress, bbPress’ focus is on web standards and due to the fact that WordPress is becoming the defacto platform for blogs and websites in general, having a forum software created by the same people is a real plus.

If you’ve ever done any extensive research online for adding a forum to your blog, you’ll quickly realize there are not many highly customizable and professional solutions for those using WordPress (it’s not as easy as searching for the Best WordPress Themes for instance). Since bbPress has been created by the same people behind WordPress, if you like WP, chances are you will like bbPress.

One point to remember: bbPress is still in a sort of “working beta” stage, and it is definitely not as easy to integrate as your typical plugin (it’s not a plugin). It is a standalone program that can be integrated with WordPress, where for example, a person can register for your site through WordPress or bbPress and not have to register twice – once for the site and once for the forum – so that is nice.

When it comes time to install bbPress, they provide great documentation and a pretty good forum (using bbPress if you want to check it out) to answer questions you may have.

Personally, I found a person through the forum that I hired to install/customize it a bit for me, and if you’d like to know his name, contact me and I’ll pass on his information. For the most part, however the installation should be pretty straight forward, and if you’re looking for a good forum software for WordPress, I think you’ll really appreciate the simplicity and elegance of bbPress.