Glitches in Show Top Commentator Plugin

written by BlogEx on October 12, 2007 in WordPress Wednesdays with 10 comments

I’ve noted a couple of times how many people of the same name comment on this site. We’ve got a few Tim’s and more Steve’s than I know what to do with. However, until today I didn’t realize can actually cause a problem with the Top Commentator list I display to give a little something back to those of you who contribute to the discussions on this site. As it turns out, the plugin I’m currently using (Show Top Commentators) is name based. So, for instance if Steve from commented 20 times in a month, he’d probably make his way to the top of the list. Unfortunately, if I then approved a comment from someone else named Steve (or using the same handle) that had linked their name to a different site, the last Steve to comment would get the link in the Commentator list! Obviously that’s not what the plugin was intended to do. Also, if someone commented multiple times under different names, they could conceivably take up multiple spots on the list all linking to the same site. That’s not something I’m terribly fond of either so I’m looking around for other solutions that can address this issue.

If you know of a plugin that works a bit better, please let me know. In the mean time, please don’t abuse these glitches or I’ll just have to deactivate the plugin. Also, if you are using the same plugin, you might want to double check your list and make sure you’re actually rewarding your top commentators. I’ll be sure to update this post when I find a better option.