Free Money Monday – 4 Winners – $25 Each

written by BlogEx on May 13, 2008 in Site News with 37 comments

I’m feeling a little generous this week and I have an extra Benjamin sitting in the old paypal account, so I’ve decided to give away $25 to 4 different readers. Here’s how you can get paid for practically doing nothing.

All you have to do is place a link on your website (either a blog post, text link on a content site, etc) to the blogging experiment. You can link to any page on this site, but I’ll give you some sample link ideas below you can use if you want…

Once you post the link on your site, leave a comment below with the URL of the page the link is on and also use your paypal email address in the email field so you can get paid if you win.

Here’s the catch (always a catch right?)…

You will have to send at least 30 unique visitors to blogging experiment from that link between now and Monday night at 10pm eastern (when I announce the winners). That’s a whopping 5 visitors per day. In other words, it just means you need to put the link someplace where people will see it and click it, not buried at the bottom of your site somewhere.

To make the drawing fair, I’m going to let you pick the winners. I don’t feel like dealing with the whining again like last contest : -)

On Monday, I’ll ask you to pick 4 random numbers and I’ll use those to select the winners.

Here are some sample links you can use…

<a href=””>make money</a>

<a href=””>make money online</a>

<a href=”“>this site is giving away $100 this week</a>

<a href=””>make money blogging</a>

<a href=””>money making case study</a>

<a href=””>easy seo</a>

Or you can use your own links instead if none of these work for you…

This contest is part of an “evil scheme” I’m working on as a case study. I’m looking to see how much of an impact running a contest has for bloggers (as far as traffic, revenue, etc). I’ll report my findings after the contest is over.

Until then, start linking to and maybe I’ll be sending you a $25 paypal payment in a few days…

(note – if you have multiple websites, you can post a link on each of your sites as long as each one sends 30 unique visitors between now and Monday).