Foreward Thinking Premium WordPress Theme

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Foreward Thinking Premium WordPress Theme

If you’re tired of using a “set it and forget it” layout for your blog, WooThemes might have the perfect remedy. Forward Thinking is a premium WordPress theme that has all of the stuff you’ve come to expect from most premium themes (multiple layouts, variations on design, et cetera) with a little something extra. From the options panel, you are able to randomize the color styling for your featured content and date blocks, giving each new entry a fresh, unique look. Parameters can be set that will utilize only certain colors if you wish — but we think you should feel free to get as crazy as you want!

Foreward Thinking Features

  • A custom home page with a “table of content” designed blog section, featured posts, and two available page modules that can be set in the theme options.
  • Randomizing color styling for featured posts and date blocks with colors editable in the theme options.
  • A completely widgetized sidebar with 7 custom widgets.
  • Ability to interchange between a left and right sidebar.
  • 10 different styles to choose from.

Standard Foreward Thinking Features

Backend Theme Options

Making simple changes without editing code — like adding your own logo, changing to an alternate color style, or adding Google Analytics — couldn’t be easier with WooThemes’ backend options panel.

Cross-Browser Compatible

WooThemes has tested their layouts to ensure they are compatible with all the modern web browsers like Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. All are web standards compliant.

Auto-Sizing Thumbnails

An image resizer script built into the Woo Framework automatically scales your post images for pixel perfect display in your template. No need to upload new cropped images when re-designing your website.

Localized for Translations

All of WooThemes’ templates come packaged with a PO file for easy WordPress translations into your desired language — editing one neat, little file without hunting down text in all your theme templates. (Supports WPML plugin)

Woo Framework

All themes are built on the same Woo Framework — modifications through the options panel are a breeze, and all is neatly coded for search engine readiness and further theme development.

Custom Page Templates

Every WooThemes layout comes packaged with a full-width page template without the sidebar, and sitemap/archives page templates for efficient quick links to all the hidden posts you wrote ages ago that still deserve to be seen.

Foreward Thinking Showcase

Take a quick look at some of the sites from around the web using the premium WordPress theme, Foreward Thinking:

Foreward Thinking: $70 | Demo & Download

Buy one for $70 (plus get two more free) or get access to EVERY WooThemes layout for only $125!