Flash, we have grown apart

written by aext on May 3, 2010 in Web Design and Web Development with 39 comments

Many years have passed since you were the hottest and preferred of all the popular kids. Lets make something clear, you have never belong to me, you are proprietary. There will never be control of your actions, loyalty, understanding, and efforts that you put towards this relationship. Please don’t judge me, this isn’t easy… you have been important in my life, however, it is time to move on. I don’t see you as I used to, I see future along HTML and CSS. I know you are curious about me and JS. Well, J’s scripts have shown me the light… there’s life after you.

Memories with FlashI enjoy hanging out with your gang, I hope our break-up don’t ruin my friendship with your clan, they help me be better at what I do. But you, I’m always uncertain of the future. Always waiting for you, I’m tired of your annoying loading times, I guess I’m not that patience.

It doesn’t bother me seeing articles showcasing and promoting you. But you should know that your actions are more like someone going through a middle life crisis, driving a shiny vehicle doesn’t hide what Jobs pointed out about you Its time to move on, I need to improve my life, I need better experiences, I’m not the only one that feels this way, my friends, family, public, specially you know what I’m going through.

Many colleagues have moved on, the cool kids turned their back on you. Cameron, Lucas, Spielberg, and Anderson still treasure you, but time will come when they leave you and give HTML, CSS, and JS a chance. That will certainly be a precedent that the world is getting to know you better. I hope all the signs warn you that you need to change, if you do… who knows, we may have another chance.

I promise you, no one will replace your portrait on the wall, I give you my word. I will remember you as the lively and enthusiastic you once were, please don’t ruin the image I have of you, don’t make a scene of this.

I wish you well. I’ll see you around.