Tool for Finding Domain Names

written by BlogEx on May 5, 2008 in Internet Marketing with 13 comments

One of the most critical tasks when starting a new blog or any online project for that matter is finding the perfect domain name for it. While the domaining business is booming and there are millions of blogs already online, there are still great domain names out there to be had for reasonable prices. However, if you don’t know where to look or have a tool to automate the process, it can be incredibly time consuming. Enter Bust a Name…

Bust a Name has quickly become one of my favorite tools on the web. Not only can you type in a domain name and quickly see whether it’s available, but you can also input several different terms and Bust a Name (BaN) will combine them and check their availability for you. The default setting searches for any combination of the terms you input (for example, entering the words blogging and experiment would check for both as well as If you added a third word into the mix, the tool would then check all 12 two word combinations possible.

Once you’ve exhausted all your own ideas of words or phrases to include in your domain, BaN has a built in thesaurus that makes it incredibly easy to brainstorm even more terms to add to your list. As your list gets longer, it can be pretty unwieldy with similar terms generating combinations you wouldn’t want to use (for example if you have both “blog” and “blogging” on your list with “experiment” the tool might spit out “blogblogging” as a result).

Luckily, the creators of BaN thought of that and allow users to create groups of terms which will keep the tool from trying to combine the terms in that group. To continue my previous example, grouping “blog” and “blogging” would tell the tool to only combine these two terms with “experiment” rather than each other.

As if that weren’t enough, you can also choose to check for domains with dashes between the terms, three word combinations, and add common prefixes and suffixes (e, i, my, the, ly, etc). As you come across domains you think you might like, you’re given the option to save the name or buy the domain through BaN’s affiliate link that instantly compares the costs across several different registrars. And last but not least, if you happen to leave the Bust-a-Name site, you’re given the option to resume your previous session when you return.

What other tools do you find helpful when searching for domain names? What methods do you use when brainstorming domain name ideas?