Feed Footer Installed

written by BlogEx on January 5, 2008 in WordPress Wednesdays with 6 comments

While I was upgrading Blogging Experiment to the latest version of WordPress, I decided to go ahead and take care of some of the plugins I’ve been meaning to install but just hadn’t gotten around to. I’ll be covering these over the next week and first up on the list is the Feed Footer Plugin.

As the title suggests, this plugin creates a footer in your feed that allows you to display special messages, advertisements, or anything else you can think of, at the end of your feed. The installation is a snap. Simply unzip, upload into the Plugin folder, and activate it on the Plugin tab of the Dashboard. You’re then given 10 spots to place the html code for the messages you want to display. Currently I have two messages of my own in place just to try it out, however, I plan on opening this space up to advertisers in fairly short order, but I’m going to wait until the rest of the plugins are installed and working.

Next Up: By popular demand… a contact form for Blogging Experiment!