Enable OpenSSL in Apache with WAMP 2

written by aext on December 1, 2008 in Tutorials with one Comment

Before starting this entry, i know that there’re many post over internet talk about it. You can simply google with some keywords like: “wamp enable ssl”, “running ssl in apache wamp” …. and you will find a lot of topic guide to run Open SSL in Apache with WAMP. This post is not explain how to config OpenSSL in Wamp2, it’s just a entry that will resolve some problems when you did but it not worked.

Wamp is the best i know how to make simple about running Apache, MySQL, PHP. But i dont known, why did wamp display option to enable OpenSSL in Apache but users must config a lot to make it work. So, i know that, if you want to enable OpenSSL in Apache server, you must create your one certified key, but if you not config some in httpd-ssl.conf, SSL will not work. However, at this moment, there are still no post step by step how to make the OpenSSL in Wamp server work by Wamp Staff, there’re only from user who did make it work before.

Why i checked the syntax of httpd.conf ok, but it still not work.

So, you know, you must both correct syntax of 2 config file: one of Apache Server(httpd.conf), one of OpenSSL in Apache(httpd-ssl.conf).
When you checked httpd.conf syntax, it said OK, but make sure that you configed httpd-ssl correct syntax.

How to check httpd-ssl.conf syntax?

With httpd.conf file in “C:wampbinapacheapache2.2.8conf” folder you can check syntax by following command from command prompt of Windows:

httpd –t

But with httpd-ssl, you can not do that, and there no file for using. But you know, httpd-ssl.conf file is included in httpd.conf, and when you run Apache, it will say something that cause ssl not worked. You can check error logs in logs file that you customized in httpd-ssl.conf file, but sometime, it dont say anything about error. If can not start Apache from wamp admin control, you should try to start it by command.
Using the command prompt, run:


And now, you can check the errors of Apache and causes make ssl not work and failure to start Wamp Server.

Some errors and causes

It said:

.. could not bind to address ..

Some users say that if you can not enable OpenSSL in Wamp, try to add follow command in httpd.conf

Listen 443


Listen 443 https

But i dont think so, just remove it, and you will resolve the error above.

It said:

.. Useless use of ... in line ..

If it said it’s useless, just remove it ^^

And when you run Wamp Server, make you that in your computer does not have any other web server such as: IIS, Tomcat with port 80…. and some programs such as: Skype, Norton, McAfee … that are using port 80. Just need to change Apache listen port to other(such as 8080) if you dont want to stop or remove programs above.

Good luck!