Digg has Privacy Problem

written by BlogEx on January 11, 2008 in Social Media with 16 comments

When Digg added the shout function a while back, it was met with mixed reactions. Personally I liked the feature but one thing I didn’t care for was everyone and their brother being able to see any shout or note that my friends sent me. No worries, Digg has an option make your shouts private right? As it turns out, not so much.

While surfing around a few Digg profiles, I noticed something really strange. At the bottom of the page where shouts normally appear I saw this:

Notice the “Sorry! Ben has decided to keep his shouts private” massage? Did you also notice the “View All Shouts” link in the upper right hand corner? I wasn’t all that concerned until I glanced up and realized that I wasn’t logged in to my account! For reference, this is how the profile should have looked:

Digg Privacy Working Correctly

As you can see, the View All Shouts link is missing from this profile and there’s no way for me to see those shouts. It appeared that something was wrong with my account.

I quickly logged in to make sure I hadn’t accidentally changed my settings and was very surprised to see that in fact I hadn’t.

Digg Privacy Settings

To make sure I wasn’t crazy, I contacted a few friends and asked whether their shouts were set to private. Several of them responded that they were but sure enough, I could see all their shouts, no matter what their settings were at.

It does appear that the option is working for at least some accounts. For example, the screen shot from 1KrazyKorean’s account shows that those shouts are being kept private, however, those seem to be few and far between.

Needless to say, if you think your shouts are currently set to private, you might want to check again.

Hat tip to Tamar of Techipedia for helping me investigate this one. She’s also covering the problem in her post Digg, Your Privacy is an Illusion.

Update: Not surprisingly, this post was submitted to Digg and in fact, the CEO left a comment. Jay Adelson says “Ok, message received. We have a team looking into it now. It’s a very, very good team, too. :)” I’d expect the issue to be fixed shortly.

Update II: As you can see from Jay’s comment below, shouts are now truly private. Thanks for the quick response on this one!