Deadly SEO Mistakes (7 of Them)

written by BlogEx on May 21, 2009 in SEO with 32 comments

I just got done going through this Free Advanced SEO Course, and I’ve got some work to do! In this latest series of videos and reports, Jerry West covers 7 deadly SEO mistakes that you should avoid at all cost. Here are a three of them:

  1. Using Untested Keywords (why most keywords you’ll target will suck…literally suck the profits away from you – side note: check out The Keyword Academy if you’re interested in learning the ins and outs of GOOD keyword research)
  2. Badly Written Page Titles (learn how to make the SEO title tag more appealing than the Adwords ad – and it’s free)
  3. Link Building Boo-Boos (most link building techniques don’t work, he shows you which links matter)

There’s 4 more, but you’ll have to watch the video series to see what they are.

Next, they provide 3 amazing videos covering very specific, actionable SEO techniques that the power players use to dominate any niche in any market. The best part, it’s all completely free.

From what I understand, this is only available for the next couple of days. If they extend or shorten the availability, I’ll let you know. Don’t waste any more time. Go watch the videos and learn the 7 SEO mistakes NOW.