Reverend, You Should Be Ashamed… and Smarter

written by BlogEx on October 5, 2007 in Blogging with 27 comments

Update: The post has been updated to cite this blog as the source and the Reverend has apologized. We all make mistakes from time to time, thanks for fixing this one. I’ve also removed the nofollow tag from my links in appreciation.

Ok, I’m not usually one to give scrapers or plagiarists any press or attention but this one was just too good to pass up. Tonight as I was checking the comments that were held for moderation I came across a trackback that seemed strangely familiar. Naturally I clicked on the link and to my disappointment there was my 5 Ways to Attract More Comments post in its entirety, staring back at me. Now this is really nothing new, I’ve had several posts plagiarized (just about anything that hits Digg’s front page is likely to be stolen), however, this one took the cake.

As you can see from the link there (nofollow link condom firmly applied), this blogger republished my post word for word (even the same formatting) and did not cite me or my blog anywhere. Naturally after discovering this I left a nice little comment for the blogger that went a little something like this (in case it gets deleted before you can see it for yourself):

Hey, when you steal someone’s content and publish it without permission or even so much as a citation, you really should remove all the links to other articles on the site. That way the author won’t get notified that there’s a new site linking to their site and discover your plagiarism. Just a thought…

With that out of the way and a general sense of pride in my exceedingly clever remark, I decided I’d check out the rest of the site. Much to my surprise the first post on the blog starts out with the words, “Rev. C. Lane Glaze has been serving as the Director of the Clemson Wesley Foundation and Campus Minister for Clemson UMC since June 2001.”

Wait a minute, Rev. as in Reverend? Yup, apparently so. It appears the Reverend Lane Glaze never learned about proper source citation or the concept of giving other people credit for their work despite graduating “Phi Beta Kappa at the top of his class in Accounting” from Wofford College.

Oh well, I forgive ya, Reverend. Besides… it gave me something to post about 😉

P.S. As my wife pointed out, that article really must work, it attracted the first and only comment on the good Reverend’s blog. Just one of the many reasons I love this woman.