Community Blog: Should Or Should not I Run This Way?

written by aext on November 8, 2009 in Web Design and Web Development with 7 comments

Hello my subscribers and who are reading this entry. I have run this blog for more than 3 months and I posted number of entries about programming, design and blogging. Today, I would like to introduce something that you would be interesting at AEXT.NET. From now on, I should chose the way to blog: community or not to be community.

Honestly, I started building this blog for the purpose of learning how to write English because it is my second language. However, after first two months, I realized that I’m loving blogging. All of my posts focus on what everybody needs. There are some people like the content of my blog, but some people don’t. My strong problem with blogging is the care of spelling. I got complains from some one who said my spelling makes this blog not professional. To some one who did say that to me, I really appreciate your advices. At this moment, I think I’m spelling better.

Something new

The first news that I want to mention in this article is about Whofreelance Web Community News. This is a second website that I built with WordPress. When you submit the links to your articles, your links will be moderated and will be displayed in both and AEXT.NET. If you want to drive traffic to your website, don’t forget to promote your articles at

The second, I want to talk about the pagerank. The pagerank score of AEXT.NET is currently 3. That is not a big number but that is something. In the future, it will increase for sure. I always look for friends and support online, so if you want me to display your site in the Blogroll section, feel free to contact me.

The third and the strongest reason which makes me write this post is the way AEXT.NET going. At this moment, AEXT is maintained by only me. It’s hard to build a rich content blog with by an individual, right? That’s why I would open the section for guest authors. If you are interested in becoming a guest author, feel free to contact me. I’m looking for partners to build a great AEXT.NET blog about programming, design and blogging. You can see I’m not earning any benefit from writing this blog, and off course, your write will not be paid. However, I will personally promote all the author posts and give you a strongest space in your post to promote the author if your posts were accepted.

Any suggestion should be emailed me at [email protected]. Let’s work together and build a new age of AEXT.NET. Remember, anything about design, programming and blogging is welcome at AEXT.NET.