Checking out Chicklets

written by BlogEx on July 19, 2007 in Blog Marketing with one Comment

I promised you this post probably a week ago but simply haven’t gotten to it until now. However, if I’m to keep to my mission of sharing each and every step I take with this blog, I can’t ignore the chicklets!

The first you’ll notice over there in the right hand column is actually the newest, it’s the Feedburner chicklet which displays the number of people subscribing to this blog. This is probably one of the more popular chicklets you’ll see across the web, however, most people don’t display their feed count until later in the game. The reasoning is that while your subscriber count is still fairly low, you don’t want to be publicizing your lack of loyal followers. While I don’t necessarily disagree, I figured the feed count chicklet would be one more way people could follow the progress of my little experiment.

Technorati: Add to Technorati Favorites
The next chicklet you’ll see is another popular button across the web. The signature bright green Technorati chicklet makes it a snap for you to add this blog to the list of your favorites in Technorati. While we’re at it, if you enjoy this blog, I’d love for you to favorite the blog. As more people favorite your blog, your technorati “authority” increases. Sites and services across the web, such as ReviewMe etc, use that ranking to calculate the value of your blog so obviously the more visitors you can get to favorite your blog, the better. This chicklet is one of the easiest ways to do just that.

BlogTopList: Top Blogs
Last but not least is a chicklet I’ve decided to use on this site that you might not have seen before. The BlogTopList “Vote for me” button allows visitors to your site to vote for your site in the directory over at The directory ranks sites based on traffic, however, each vote for your site is the equivalent to 100 visitors so needless to say, you’d like you visitors to vote for you. If that wasn’t enough of an incentive, the higher your site ranks, the more traffic you’ll receive. While there are several sites similar to this across the web, this directory allows one person a day from each IP to vote for a site. What this means is you can encourage your visitors to vote for your site not just once, but once a day.

Personally I prefer to use only a few buttons as I think having too many just make things look cluttered and too busy. Not only that, but depending on the chicklet it could cause your site to load slower. Now I’ve seen lots of other options out there but I haven’t tried many of them. I’d be VERY interested in hearing about any other chicklets or buttons you’ve used and whether or not you’ve had any success with them.