Check your Text Link Ad Affiliate Stats!

written by BlogEx on October 31, 2007 in Blog Monetization with 6 comments

Text Link AdsFirst of all, let me say that if you’re not signed up as a Text Link Ad publisher, you should be. Even if you’re scared of losing PageRank to the big bad Google monster, click through and check it out. They have an offering that will appeal to you, I promise. I can’t go into much more detail than that but trust me, you can still make money with them without jeopardizing your little green bar.

Now, that being said, any of you that participate in TLA’s affiliate program should check your stats immediately. I had a case where I actually walked someone through the process of signing up and installing the TLA plugin so I knew that I had gotten a referral. However, that referral wasn’t showing up in my affiliate stats. I waited the 10 days that the site has to be in the inventory before the affiliate gets paid, and still nothing. So, I contacted TLA publisher support and mentioned my problem. It took a few emails back and forth but when I logged in today, I was shocked to see not only my missing referral, but several others as well! I’m assuming these are referrals that simply weren’t being attributed correctly before. What is strange is that I’ve not yet received an email from TLA letting me know they changed anything. It could be an issue with that offering I vaguely alluded to earlier but I’d expect an email either way.

So, any Text Link Ad affiliates, check your stats and let me know what you see. Do you suddenly have more referrals? Do they pay out for different programs differently (like at the end of the month instead of 10 days after the site is in the system)? It’s never a good thing to have questions about an affiliate program’s ability to properly track your referrals, but in this case it looks like they have it worked out now, and it was a surprise boost to my bottom line. Be sure to check back tomorrow to find out just how that bottom line turned out for the month of October.