Giveaway: 3 premium WordPress Themes from ThemeFuse

published on May 8, 2012

Our mates from ThemeFuse thought to share 3 premium WordPress themes licenses with you. The fortunate winners of today’s giveaway will get access to download one WordPress theme of their selection from ThemeFuse … free of charge.

Unlimited Facebook Fan Pages with WPFacePages

published on August 1, 2011

Self hosted WordPress is now the famous content management software and blogging software in web. As top search engines like Google and Bing have started indexing social media content, blogging has become an important strategy for businesses to generate quality …

Get a 360 Degree Security For Your WordPress Blog

published on December 28, 2010

Most of us are happy and contented using “Wordpress”; the so very popular blogging platform, as, it is fulfilling almost all our blogging requirements, but how long? Only till keep your WordPress blog secured from hackers or the worms of …

Display Delicious Bookmark Count on Your Web Page

published on July 21, 2010

Although it’s unnecessary to display the bookmark button for Delicious because who still not using quick delicious plugin to bookmark such as: Delicious Bookmarks (for Firefox) or Delicious Extension (for Chrome). However, that is a good idea when displaying the …

WordPress 3 and What You Can Do!

published on July 13, 2010

After a quite long awaited by many WordPress users all over the world, finally this world most popular blog portal launchs its brand-new version WordPress 3.0 a.k.a Thelonius. Thelonius is the software version 13th which have been launched by WordPress …

Quick Tip: Gain More Traffic for Blog Using Tweetmeme and

published on June 8, 2010

Some guys asked me how I did with the Tweetmeme button which using the URL shortener. is a service of Stumbleupon, a very popular social network, which helps people share the web content together. It’s pretty easy to …

Quick Tip: Display Timeago For WordPress If Less Than 24 Hours

published on April 14, 2010

This small code snippet will help you to display the time ago for WordPress post if your post was published less than 24 hours ago. You can find some code published on other blogs that used for displaying the time …