35 WordPress Plugins to Spice Up Your Comment Box

published on August 25, 2012

Comments serve a variety of purposes on your blog. You can get new post ideas after reading the response of your readers, good comments add to the original discussion of the topic of the post, and by interacting in comments …

30 Impressive Portfolio WordPress Themes for 2012

published on July 13, 2012

Ah, the Portfolio WordPress Theme. With portfolio designs being among the most popular WordPress Theme categories, there is never a shortage of creative designs to chose from. The challenge with finding a good Portfolio WordPress Theme in 2012 is that …

WordPress Plugin – Create Your Own Job Board

published on July 5, 2012

Willing or not, from Bill Gates to your neighbor, we all are influenced by the economic crisis, (which I prefer to say that it passed) but some of the brilliant minds in economy say that there is still more to …

20 Very Useful WordPress Plugins for 2012

published on July 3, 2012

Needless to say WordPress is the best CMS available for personal and commercial purposes since its release with the talented community around making it all the more exceptional. You can find a free plugin for almost every requirement. Here we …

23 Useful Gallery Themes for WordPress 2012

published on June 22, 2012

WordPress Gallery Themes are flexible for photographers, designers and other creative people to showcase their creations online in an easy yet very professional way. With just a few clicks, you can create your own gallery site with the help of …

25 Real Estate WordPress Themes For 2012 – Must See!

published on June 10, 2012

Real estate is an industry rich with competition. To showcase new homes and houses for rent, WordPress powered websites will be the best platform for those in the real estate profession. WordPress is a powerful publishing platform that can be …

45 Useful Paper Textures

published on May 5, 2012

Use of paper backgrounds is quite common these days as seen in many websites. Paper is a versatile medium and there are so many types of paper to consider like handmade, wrapping, news, recycled etc. Paper can be used to …

Beautiful Bokeh Textures For Your Next Project

published on February 28, 2012

Bokeh backgrounds had become a huge trend now a Days. For those who don’t know what Bokeh is, it is originally “boke” and pronounced as bo as in “bore” and ke as in “Kennedy”. It basically means the “out of …

40+ Must Have Cheat Sheets For Web Designers

published on December 12, 2011

It is always good to have a reference or a guide to make things easy at any work, there are many cheat sheets for web designers to make things easy for them and save time. In this post you will find some of the coolest and most useful cheat sheets that will be useful for designers. Go ahead and find out and bookmark them!