Cartoon Caption Contest!

written by BlogEx on November 16, 2007 in Blogging with 18 comments

Normally on Fridays I do a phrase auction , however, it’s been a really long week and I needed to lighten the mood a bit. Also, it seems that the novelty of the idea has worn off a bit and it might not be something a lot of you are interested in. So for this week at least, I’m calling an audible and switching it up. This week, we’re having a cartoon caption contest.

The idea is pretty simple, create a caption (or question and answer speech baloons) for the cartoon below (generously provided by Pops from Anyone who submits a caption will receive an entry into the drawing at the end of the month (the announced prizes so far include a custom cartoon from ToonRefugee and 125×125 ad spot on this site with more to come I promise) and just like last week, the winner will get 3 extra entries. But wait, there’s more! Since so many people have been requesting specific shows in the Lessons on Blogging series, the winner will also get to choose the next show I cover! How’s that for a fun prize package? The deadline for submissions will be Monday at noon and the winner will be chosen by Pops and myself and announced on Tuesday. Have fun, but any submissions deemed inappropriate (f-bombs, hate speech, etc) will be deleted and will not count as a submission. Multiple submissions are allowed but will not result in an extra entry to the end of the month drawing.

Whew I feel like a lawyer spelling out all those rules. Anyway, on to the fun part! Create a caption (or dialog balloons) for the following cartoon:

Ask the Swami cartoon contest


Update: And the winner is… Adam’s “Good luck getting down.” Adam, drop me a line and let me know which show you’d like me to cover next!