BRounded – Professional Blogger Layout for free download

written by aext on November 8, 2008 in Themes - Layouts with 7 comments

This is my second layout i designed for Blogger user. I love Blogger so much so i cant stop working on it. If you downloaded my first layout in previous post, you should not miss this layout. I this working, i dont design for new to CSS and Web Design, you can download it, but if you want to use it, you must be familiar with CSS and XHTML. So, take a look at new layout, when you have been download and replace with your old layout, your blogger will be as follow…

So, now, check a demo or download it now, it’s free.

After download and replace your layout, you must customize your new layout.

Search somewhere in layout, replace all my links, such as: twitter, feedburner, facebook, flickr … by your links

In my rar file for downloaded, i attached all images that this layout needs to work, you can re-uploaded all those images in your one picassaweb or any image hosting you know, or images from my picassaweb, no need to do anymore.

Create your one new widget in sidebar:

If you want to create your one new widget, you need to know that in my layout, a widget must be following format:

<h4><span class='feed-small-right'><a href='your link'>This title will be display at the top-right at each widget</a></span>Widget Title</h4>
<div class='featured_inner'>
<div class='section-w'>
                Your widget content will be here.

So, because of that XHTML file layout was copied exactly from my layout at, dont say it’s not well-formated.

If you want to help to install this layout, tell me, i can help you. If anything goes wrong, tell me, i’ll fix it. And if you like this layout, just buy me one Caribou Coffee =.=