Blogging Experiment Loses PageRank

written by BlogEx on November 19, 2007 in Site News with 28 comments

Some of you may have noticed over the weekend that’s PageRank score dropped from 4 back down to 0. Apparently the consensus in the blogosphere is that this is Google’s latest attack on paid links and centers around blogs doing paid reviews specifically through PayPerPost and ReviewMe. Obviously I’ve done reviews on this blog, however, none of them have gone through either of those two sources. I am listed in both marketplaces though and I suspect that may have been enough to do me in.

What’s been affected?

So far only my PageRank score has dropped. At the time of this writing I’m still receiving traffic from Google and in fact still ranking fairly well for several different terms. For example, I’m currently ranked 6th for the term “make money blogging” and have received an average of 50 visitors a day from Google over the past week. Obviously I won’t be able to use PageRank as a selling point for any advertising, but I think my Technorati and Alexa along with my traffic numbers should be enough to allow me to march on toward my goal of a full time income.

Where to from here?

I’m not sure whether it comes through in my blog posts here or not but those who know me well will tell you that at times I’m stubborn as all hell. I  like to think that I’m not usually that way but if you push me, for whatever reason my natural tendency is to push back. If I sense that someone is passionate about a topic, I instinctively pick up the other side of the argument. The worst part is, I don’t have to care, or even agree with the point I’m making, just as long as I can argue the point effectively. So, what does that have to do with this post? Whether they intended to or not, Google has pushed me yet again. I mean, it’s not like I was terribly fond of them to begin with, but my passion on the subject had died down quite a bit. Now, not so much.

Needless to say, I won’t be changing anything that I’m currently doing on this blog. While I’m not particularly attached to ReviewMe, I’m not going to delete my listing on their site. I have deleted my listing on PayPerPost, simply because the offers I qualified for simply weren’t worth my time and I’ve never had much success with them on other blogs. In fact I think the only PayPerPost offer I’ve ever done was the review of their service you’re offered when you first sign up. I guess that could be viewed as a minor victory for Google in that respect. Gevil.orgHowever, I’m also going to revive my activity on That’s one of those abandoned blogs I’ve talked about in the past but I think now is the perfect time to breath some new life into it. Hatred of Google is at an all time high (largely due to their draconian tactics and lack of transparency) and I think it’s time I capitalized on that growing trend.  And who knows, if a few of my new ideas for that site pan out, I might end up making more than enough money to cover any income I lose due to my lack of PageRank.