Best WordPress Themes Of 2009

written by BlogEx on March 18, 2009 in WordPress Wednesdays with 49 comments

2011 Update: Be sure to read about the Best WordPress Themes of 2011.

When it comes to running a successful blog, having the right theme is critical. Not being a “designer” myself, I marvel at the creative work produced by WordPress developers. Since it’s always nice to have a few extra themes lying around (I’ve got 58 in waiting), I thought this edition of WordPress Wednesdays could be focused on the all important WordPress Theme. It can be a real challenge to find quality, nice looking themes, so here are my favorite resources.

Free WordPress Themes

Design Disease

Design Disease features several very nice free wordpress themes. Just use the drop down menu at the top to preview them, then download as needed.


BlogOhBlog was one of the first free wordpress theme sites I found, and let’s just say I continue to go back. Jai is very helpful and extremely reasonable for minor customization work.


Another great site for free wordpress themes, SkinPress does require the site credits to be left in place, but I think you can pay them like $25 to have it removed. Either way, they’ve got some nice themes.


A sister site to SkinPress, AskGraphics has a few more free wp themes to browse. Same rules apply for the site credits.

Top WP Themes

Top WP Themes cranks out free wordpress themes like nobody’s business. The quality isn’t always the best, but you’ve got to give them credit for the sheer number of themes they produce.

N.Design Studio

N.Design Studio seems to do more custom design work, but they do have a couple free themes to download, and as you can tell from their website, they most certainly have an eye for design. Be sure to check out iTheme. It’s based off the Mac OS and has a nifty drag and drop sidebar.

Premium WordPress Themes


I’m currently a member of Elegant Themes, and all I can say is this is the best deal for premium wordpress themes on the internet – hands down. For $19.95 per YEAR (not month) you get unlimited access and use to all of Nick Roach’s top notch custom themes. He seems to add a new one every month on top of the 21 premium themes already created.

The support is fantastic, with a member’s forum and email help, and for $20 you just can’t get a better deal. I strongly recommend ElegantThemes for premium wordpress themes.


I’m also currently a paid member to WooThemes, and even though it’s more expensive than Elegant Themes, they offer some of the most unique, feature rich themes available today. Better yet, they offer several free WordPress themes that are better than most premium themes other sites sell, so either way be sure to pick up the free ones. I use WooThemes themes on more projects than any other premium or free theme site.

They are definitely worth the money, but it’s hard to compete with Elegant Theme’s $20/year price. If you don’t mind paying a little more (about $70 per theme or $150-$225 to join the club) they are definitely worth joining. From video themes to lifestreams and everything in between, WooThemes is the most popular premium wordpress theme site for a reason, and they deserve it!

Did We Miss Any Themes? Feel free to post other high quality wordpress theme sites (free or premium) in the comments below. Now go find a nice looking theme and make some money!