Best Professional WordPress Themes

written by BlogEx on April 18, 2011 in Premium WordPress Themes and Free WordPress Themes with 2 comments

Finding WordPress Themes that one would call “professional” is not always easy. With tens of thousands of WordPress Themes (and more added daily), finding that perfect theme is often the result of significant searching, browsing, and demoing.

While we’ve put together a great list of the best wordpress themes of 2011, we wanted to highlight a few ways to effectively search for professional WordPress Themes in the information rich internet we all have access to.

Free or Premium?

Before you begin to search for professional themes, you must first decide whether you are looking for a free wordpress theme or a premium one. Admitedly, free themes have the allure in price however you are often trading functionality and design for this advantage. On the flip side, premium wordpress themes come with a cost that generally provide support, cooler features, and an all around better design.

Business or Pleasure?

At the end of the day, the answer to that question will depend greatly upon what your ultimate goal is with the site. If it is just a personal site that only a handful of people will look at AND you don’t particularly care about design and functionality, finding a great free wordpress theme might be your best bet. If you are looking to start a business website or hope to sell something online, than I would caution you to at least consider a premium theme.

Think of it in these terms. Would you feel comfortable buying a TV from someone who setup a tent on the side of the road (free) or from an established retailer (premium)? Free WordPress Themes can be used by everyone and do not generally convey the uniqueness to your site or brand.

On the flip side, Premium WordPress Themes are almost always better designed and include a high degree of customization that can be done on your own so as to give your non-custom theme a very custom look. When you add to it that most premium themes sell for $30 – $90 it’s not really much of choice.

For free themes, be sure to check out our Free WordPress Theme section launching May, 2011. We will feature one new free WordPress theme everyday that is WORTH SHARING. Let’s face it, there are tons of low quality free themes out there. Our goal is to cut out the research phase so that the free themes listed here are truly amazing WordPress Themes that are worth using if free is the way you decide to go.

For premium themes, be sure to check out our Premium WordPress Theme section. Updated daily, we also add one top-notch premium theme every day. Along with a detailed and thorough review, the goal for us with this section is exactly the same as with the free themes, to separate the wheat from the chaff and give you the absolute best professional wordpress themes online today.

On a personal note, I have never used a free wordpress theme on a site that I own. I have always used a premium theme or had one custom created, whether for a personal site or a business site. My absolute favorite place for premium WordPress themes is here where you can get over 60 custom designs for $39.