An Effective Guide to Call to Action Buttons

written by aext on August 2, 2010 in Web Design with 14 comments

Call to action buttons, as the name says, the time for some real action. They have been a part of negligence from a long time, Have you ever wondered about what is beyond them than just being an attractive tile in the interiors of your website? Call to action buttons ought to be the sole attraction with the ability to grab the visitor, and provoke him/her for the next step and that is, for sure a click. And, that click would be to make them do what you want then to. Be it, a download, buy now, continue reading, learn more, sign up, and many more.

When there is actually a need for more and more result-driven websites in the crowd of the ample of websites available on the Internet, then, drawing attention to the main page and activity of your site becomes very important. And, this post is actually to prioritize the use and giving attention to the implementation and the creation of such buttons so that your website stands apart from the rest.

This post’s basic idea is to avail you with the effective guidelines that should be kept in mind while creating and setting up a call to action button keeping in mind the positioning as well. Here, they are—


Presentation has always played a significant role, and colours have added on to the effect. Ideally, colour should be chosen in such a way that stand out from the rest of the design. Obviously, the colour should not outwit the main page of the site, but should be prominent enough to attract and bait the visitor.


As it is understood that the size of the call to action button should be large, embossed enough than the rest of the navigation menu of the page.


There is no doubt that language or the wordings that you use on the button have the utmost priority. They should be easy enough to be understood and appease the user. The message ought to be clear enough. Lets say, for instance, if you want the users to buy. Or download something then, Download Now, and Buy Now would be the apt and the simplest choices one could make.

The language should not be responsible to deviate the visitor, no matter how charming, appealing and outstanding you button be.


The placement is also an important factor that would define the the ability of your button to attract the visitor. The place, again should be prominent enough right in front of the eyes of the visitor so that comes in the visible zone.

In my opinion, if the button is placed in the place near the main content area, and especially removing the unnecessary clutter on the rest of the page so that it becomes the main point of attraction, and that too in a positive sense. Center, on the top of the page, or may be on any distinguished area on the page would do.


As the whitespace have always played a key role in deciding the layout of the page. And, so does in placing the call to action button. It is the most effective way to grab hold the attention of the user without making it a distraction.

The whitespace between your call to action button and the surrounding content or may be the image, would lend its effort in seeking attention of the visitor because of the clear and the consistency maintained while placing the button.


Try and place a call to action button on every page so that it is frequent, and even if it is somehow missed on the first page by the visitor, it should be able to provoke the customer on the second page. It is not necessary to have the same call to action button at every page. You can choose variety leading to the ultimate goal-oriented action.

What’s the need:

Every task should be supported by a solid reason clearly stating the benefit that would accompany call to action button. Arise the need out of it, and make them believe that it is important and would lay a solution. Infomercials and graphics play a key role in the task, because they are able to communicate the reason and the need in a very distinct manner, in such a way that it does not seem an extra burden on the user.

Limit the number:

Undoubtedly, it is true. The lesser the number of choices, the more the chances of the visitor to deviate from the directed path. And, same applies with the option of deciding the number of call to action button. There are a lot of chance that if you provide them with more number of choices, it lessens the chances to choose what you want them to. Offer a distinctive, and appropriate number of choices making it an easy task for the user.

Follow Up:

Making a follow up and responding to the the process after clicking call to action button is the most important because it is responsible for building a level of reliability, trust and transparency between the customer and you. You need to be really particular to link the button with a quick follow up so that it does not frustrate the user. In the case mentioned, you may lose a possible customer or may be a regular visitor to your site. The chances are high that he/she may or may not return to the site.

There is no doubt that in this cut throat competition, there is a need to create effective websites so that they can actually make a living in this web world. Surviving and living are two different terms altogether and there is a need to come up with effective websites for the businesses to be able to share the profits of the global market. And, call to action button happens to one of the important element to lure the customers and gain maximum profits. These tips would definitely make a lot of difference if you start up a new website, or may be develop the old one.