Aim High; Shoot Low

written by BlogEx on March 4, 2008 in Blogging with 9 comments

The following is a guest post by Rebecca Laffar-Smith. Please feel free to catch up with the novelist and freelance writer on her blog, Writers Round-About (feed).

Many goals seem ambitious, like Ben’s primary goal for Blogging Experiment or my own primary goal for 2008. When goal setting, it is important to consider the impact of your aim. You will accomplish great things by striving for a higher bar than you would normally feel comfortable expecting of yourself.

An archer’s creed is to aim high, shoot low. The bow and arrow are scientifically designed. Archers learn that wind resistance, trajectory, weight, and obstacles all come into play when making an effective shot. Arrows are agile; a well aimed shot can slice through a minuscule target. Knowing you can hit a target, despite constant variations of uncontrollable elements, requires a degree of skill and faith.

Skill and faith are required for anything you set out to accomplish. There will always be uncontrollable elements. Resistance, obstacles, and misguided trajectories can add to the weight of every step. You must aim high no matter how low you wish to shoot. You are more likely to hit a $2000 a month goal, if you stretch yourself aiming for $3000 or $4000.

Of course, setting yourself up for failure is never a good idea either. Learn to reward yourself for ALL accomplishments, be they large or small. If you aimed for $4000 but fell short at $2000 you have still accomplished a remarkable success.

Examine each aspect of your progress. Search out ways to improve your progress. Spending time evaluating your successes and failures allows you to learn from your mistakes, to grow from every experience, and to create greater success and more ambitious goals in the months to come.

These early days of March are a great time to evaluate your progress through January and February this year. How have you succeeded? What have you accomplished? Have you achieved goals you have set for yourself? Where have you allowed yourself to leap small hurdles when you may have accomplished more by aiming high?

What are your goals for the coming months? Are they ambitious?

Create new goals for yourself today! Aim High; Shoot Low!