A Niche Blogging Experiment

written by BlogEx on January 30, 2008 in Blog Monetization with 15 comments

“Find out how you can make loads of money from Google AdSense!”

“Google AdSense is just a hobby, but it pays my mortgage!”

“Scientifically proven methods of exploding your AdSense earnings… Instantly!”

If you’ve been around the make money online niche for long, you’ve probably come across these impressive claims or ones just like them. Programs or products promise to teach you how to make truck loads of money from Google AdSense with little to no work. Here’s the problem I’ve always had with these things, if they really could make you as much money as they promise, why in the world would they be selling it? This kind of goes back to the whole, Shut Up post but really I mean why would you spend the time to come up with a course, if you were essentially printing money with AdSense or a similar program? Wouldn’t you spend as much time as you could cranking out the kind of websites that have been such a success for you? I know I would.

Anyway, after coming across another similar product yesterday I finally decided to do a couple of case studies with AdSense and Yahoo Publisher Network (YPN) on some fairly tight niche sites. I had purchased a few domains such as keyword1keyword2.com quite a while ago and really hadn’t done anything with them. So, I’ve set up a blog for myself with YPN ads on it, and had a buddy of mine set up a similar site (slightly different niche) with AdSense ads on them. I’ve done about 30 minutes of link building for each of them, and we each wrote 2 initial posts. In all, I’d say we each spent about an hour on our site.

This is where the experiment part comes in. A lot of these systems rely on creating a critical mass of sorts in terms of the number of sites. If you make $10 a month from one site, you can make $10,000 a month by creating one thousand sites. Now obviously I’m not going to take the time to crank out hundreds or thousands of sites like this. However, over the course of the next couple of months I’ll keep tabs on how the sites rank, the traffic levels, and of course what kind of income each of us sees from our site. If we prove the concept with an hours worth of work, maybe I’ll write up everything we did and sell it as the next ground breaking system.

Oh, P.S. don’t forget to tune in Friday to find out whether I met my monthly income goal of $1,500 for January. Also, you’ll find out whether my ad buy on JohnChow.com was worth it, or whether it flopped. You’re not going to want to miss it!