5 Reasons to Twitter

written by BlogEx on June 4, 2008 in Blog Optimization with 11 comments

I’ve written about Twitter in this space before but the more time I spend on the site (I’ve been “tweeting” for about 4 months now) the more uses I’m finding for it. And, while the site has recently been less than reliable in terms of uptime and all its features, I would still highly recommend joining. Here are my top 5 Reasons to Twitter…

Traffic –

Several big name bloggers (Darren Rowse and Brian Clark to name a couple) have mentioned that they receive a significant amount of traffic to their sites from Twitter. That’s all well and good but they’ve got thousands of people following them on the site so naturally, they’re going to see some traffic come there way. But believe it or not, you don’t have to have thousands of followers to receive traffic from Twitter.

There are roughly 240 people following me (my profile can be found here, feel free to connect with me there) and I recently received about 40 visitors to one of my sites from a single tweet(post). If you tweet something useful, there’s also the chance that someone following you will re-tweet it, thus exposing your link to even more followers. The bottom line is that you don’t have to be an A-list tweeter to get a bit of traffic from your efforts on Twitter.

Networking –

Again, I’ve already covered this in a previous post but I’m constantly amazed at how much more open and accessible people are on Twitter. As our inboxes become more and more crowded, social media sites are becoming the easiest way to contact someone and Twitter is no exception. Simply send the person you’d like to connect with an @ message (for example, @TWITTERNAMEHERE would be automatically seen by that person) and more often than not, they’ll respond. I’ve exchanged tweets with Shoemoney, Darren, Brian Clark, Andy Beal, Andy Beard, Jeff Walker and Ed Dale. Now I’m sure not all of these guys will remember me but over the course of a few discussions there’s a good chance that my name and avatar will become familiar and just like that, I’ll have a point of reference with several A-List bloggers and marketers. And actually, that brings me to my next reason…

Branding/Reputation Management –

Whether you want to be active on Twitter or not, you definitely should register your name or online handle. Why? Because chances are it will rank in the search engines for that term. For example, a search for Skitzzo in Google puts Twitter 3rd on the list of sites in the results. If you’ve ever heard about Reputation Management, that fact alone will make you go register. I mean wouldn’t you want to be in control of all the sites that come up in a search for your name?

Also, as I mentioned in the previous point, the more you Tweet, the more times people will be exposed to your name and your avatar. If both of those aspects center around your brand, you’ll be increasing your brand awareness every time you post. And, since Twitter is largely used by bloggers and other influencers, that’s a great group to have brand awareness with.

Post Ideas –

Another great use I’ve found for Twitter is generating post topics for me. I follow nearly 100 people and almost every day one of them will say something that inspires me. Much like the RSS feeds you follow, these tweeters will be tweeting information or links that will probably line up with your area of interests. If you have an opinion on the topic, you have the makings of a blog post.

Also, several news outlets have a presence on the site and by following those profiles you can keep track of breaking news and maybe be the first to cover it in your niche. If you still need more ideas, simply ask a question or take a brief survey. Pull together the tweeted responses and compile that information into a post. The possibilities go on and on but the bottom line is Twitter is a great source of ideas for posts.

Social Media –

And last but certainly not least, Twitter is VERY useful for social media purposes. If you’ve tried to get your site to the front page of social media sites chances are you’ve hit up a few of your friends to try and drum up support for your story. Maybe you’ve even IM’ed a few people and had to worry about bothering them or keeping track of who you’ve already asked etc. Since Twitter is a social media site as well, many of the users are naturally users of other social sites. Quite often you’ll see people posting about Digg or Reddit stories. While I wouldn’t suggest just spamming your links over and over again, tweeting can definitely help you garner a few extra votes for your stories.