40+ Must Have Cheat Sheets For Web Designers

written by aext on December 12, 2011 in Freebies and Resources and Tools with one Comment

It is always good to have a reference or a guide to make things easy at any work, there are many cheat sheets for web designers to make things easy for them and save time. In this post you will find some of the coolest and most useful cheat sheets that will be useful for designers. Go ahead and find out and bookmark them!

CSS3 Cheat sheets

1) Css3

2) Css3

3) Shapes In Css3

4) Shorthand CSS3

5) Css3 Click Chart

6) CSS3 Quick Reference Guide

7)  CSS3 Color Names

8 ) Compatibility tables for support of CSS3

9) CSS3 – Information and samples

 10) HTML5 & CSS3 Support

11) Html 5 Visual Cheat Sheet

12) Google APIs & Developer Products Periodic Table

13) Mootools

14) Strip light cheat sheet card

15) Photography cheat sheet

16)  Portrait lighting cheat sheet

17) Photoshop keyboard shortcuts

18) Adobe Framemaker 9 Keyboard Shortcuts-Windows

19) Adobe Incopy CS4 Keyboard Shortcuts-Windows

20) Adobe Acrobat

21) Dreamweaver

22) HTML Color Cheat Sheet

23) RGB Hex Color Chart

24) MySQL Cheat Sheet

25) My SQL

26) Windows 7 Hot keys

27) Google Chrome

28) Safari Shortcut

29) Firefox cheat sheet

30) Periodic typefaces

31) Google fonts

32) CSS Shorthand

33) CSS Typography

34)  Common Fonts

35) Free Fonts

36) Web Safe Fonts

37) Javascript Features

38) Dom Javascript

39) JavaScript

40) Jquery