40 Beautiful Misty Night Photography

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Some of the most magical moments of the day are the early mornings when the world wakes up. This is the perfect time to capture the beauty of nature. Fog is a collection of small droplets of water and light weighted water droplets suspended in the air near the Earth surface and you cannot see the other side clearly.

Fog occurs usually in the evening and continues till early morning. Misty / Foggy Photography is a very special type of photography that requires great skill of the photographer to take pictures where almost nothing is visible. Mist Photos also look a little blurry, but it gives them the charm they are known for.

We are sure you will like this post on Mist photography. Enjoy!

1. Fog with Tree


A Photography by Lillabug.


2. TATA Steel harbor on a misty night


This photo was taken on November 8, 2011 in Ymuiden, North Holland, NL, using a Nikon D300.


3. Where the streets have no name



4. Mist in Harbor



5. Creeping Mist

At the end of a rainy day, the sky finally clears and mist appears in the valleys and woods at dusk, immersing the land into a dark eerie atmosphere.


6. Fog

Taken in St. Louis during a heavy fog.


7. Foggy Night

The wharf in downtown Rockland, Maine on a foggy night, This photo was taken on April 25, 2009 in Rockland, Maine, US, using a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi.


8. In the Fog


9. Jump

This snap was taken by audun nygiaard.


10. Arwen’s Lament


11. Foggy Platform

A foggy platform early morning, Westgate Station, Wakefield.


12. Fog by Nelson

Fog rising out of the river valley on Saturday morning.


13. Brooklyn Bridge in fog

the fog just kept rolling in and eventually the bridge was engulfed.


14. Misty nights

One misty night in Amsterdam, This photo was taken on October 22, 2009 using a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT.


15. Misty Fall

Rio Manso, Patagonia Night Fall.


16. Night mood

My wish was to make you feel the strong mood there was that evening in my city, particular evening with a great fog.


17. Misty Night by Ceejay

Shot taken in Toulouse (France).


18. On A Foggy Night

This photo was taken on January 12, 2011 using a Nikon D60.


19. Revealed

This Photography was taken by Matjaz Cater.


20. Shrouded in Fog


21. Struck in the Mist of Time

I’ve taken this photo very early in the morning in Fontalirant, near Thenon in France…The above photo has been shot with the Samsung NX10.


22. Stormy Misty Morning

This photo was taken on March 31, 2007.


23. Fog forest

Spruce forest with fog.This photo was taken on February 9, 2008 using a Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III.


24. The eerie fog

This was taken at Avila Beach, California.


25. Moon Parade


26. Pedestrian bridge over Drava river


27. Calling my name

This was pretty random. I was having difficulties finding a decent field (this was meant to be in stormy field), so somehow my imagination shifted into a forest scene so , it’s a forest with a friendly alien in the light.


28. I’m Still a Child

I’ve taken this photo very early in the morning in Fontalirant, near Thenon in France…The above photo has been shot with the Samsung NX10.


29. Foggy night By Tambako

This night it was quite foggy, and the light of the streets were scattered by the fog, giving a magic atmosphere to the scene…


30. foggy night in Yonkers

A light…… in the dark foggy night,Captured in the Bryn Mawr Section of Yonkers, NY.Seen in EXPLORE! Photo by Eugene La Pia.


31. Colors of the Celestial City

This photo was taken on November 19, 2010 in Cambridge, England, GB, using a Canon Power shot S90.


32. U Appearing

This photo was taken on April 6, 2009.


33. Misty Night By tracktwentynine

This photo was taken on January 10, 2008 using a Canon Power Shot A95.


34. The First Scene

This Photograph was taken by Leszek Paradowski.


35. Misty Night Wolf

This snap was taken by Janet.


36. The Old Foggy Oak

I took this photo this morning before school. Woke up early to a very very foggy day. This is the same tree and field, the same spot as the picture “Frosty February”…


37. Waiting on a Sunny Day

Michel schamp has taken this photograph.


38. New York at Night

CENTRAL PARK, NEW YORK CITY, USA — About 2:15 a.m. fog drifts in over Central Park. Shot with a Nikon D3. Exposure of 20 sec. and a moderate f-stop of f5.6.


39. Light and Darkness

This Photograph was taken by Leszek Bujnowski.


40. Foggy Chicago

Foggy night in Chicago,

This photo was taken on June 3, 2008 in Streeterville, Chicago, IL, US.


Hope you are entertained with this showcase on some of the best examples of Misty and Fog Photography.