30 Thin and Light Fonts That Should Not Be Free

written by aext on September 21, 2009 in Popular and Fonts with 99 comments

Thin and Light fonts are font types good for alternative logo design. However, looking for a good thin and light font for free is so hard because most of them is just for commercial using. I love them so much and I would like to share with you a list of 30 thin and light fonts. They’re beautiful. Furthermore, I love them because they are free.

1. TrendexLightSSi Font


2. Gauntlet Thin Font

Gauntlet Thin Font

3. FF Dagny OT Thin

FF Dagny OT Thin

4. Asenine Super Thin

Asenine Super Thin

5. Walkway Typeface

Walkway Typeface

6. Steiner


7. Circled


8. GatsbyFLF Font

GatsbyFLF - Thin for free for download

9. DISCO by Typografski

DISCO Font by Typografski

10. Love Sick

Love Sick Font

11. Canaletto Thin

Canaletto Thin

12. AlexandriaFLF

Alexandria font

13. Logarde Thin

Logarde Thin – Free Typeface for Immediate Download

14. District Thin

District Thin - Awesome Thin font

After a lot of broken links, I found it :(

15. Madawaska ExtraLight – $0 means Free 😀

Madawaska ExtraLight - Free font

16. Quilline Script Thin


17. id-Kaze2OT-Light


18. Quicksand Thin in Quicksand Family

Quicksand - a free sans serif typeface

19. Bauhaus Light

Bauhaus Light

20. Zarautz Light

zarautz Light

21. Existence Light

Existence Light font

22. Partridge-Thin


23. Lapland Light

Lapland Light

24. Eurofurence Light

eurofurence light

25. Square Unique, Thin


26. ContextRepriseLightSSi


27. SoleaLight


28. Rockwell Light

Rockwell Light

29. KeyboardLightSSi


30. Serifa Th BT Thin

Serifa Th BT Thin

This one is an awesome thin font in Serifa Th BT Font Family.