20 Posts on Choosing a Blog Topic

written by BlogEx on July 25, 2007 in Blogging with 2 comments

As I mentioned in my post about choosing which keywords to target, my marketing plan for this site is not dependent on search engine traffic until much later in the game. However, I’ve been pleasantly surprised as I’ve already seen some visitors from Google and MSN. Most of the Google visitors have been finding me through my post about Choosing a Blog Topic. I told you in that post, that it was a subject almost every blogger that writes about blogging addresses at one point or another. It struck me though that maybe you’d like more than just my opinion on the subject. To that end, I’d like to present 20 Posts on Choosing a Blog Topic:

  1. Problogger.net
  2. About.com: Web Logs
  3. Dazzlin Donna
  4. Dosh Dosh
  5. Performancing
  6. Pure Blogging
  7. Problogger.net
  8. Better Blogging with Michael Martine
  9. Small Business Blogging Scout
  10. Blog Herald
  11. Dosh Dosh
  12. Blogging Help
  13. Darjan Panic
  14. Blog Success Journal
  15. Suite 101
  16. Passionate Blogger
  17. Advice for Bloggers
  18. Can I Make Big Money Online
  19. Blogging to Fame Part 1 & Part 2
  20. and last but (hopefully) not least, Blogging Experiment