20 Best Twitter-likes And Useful Tutorials To Work With Twitter

written by aext on January 22, 2010 in Tools with 33 comments

Twitter is awesome and what Twitter are doing is great. Twitter is not only a necessary service for our communication, our business…, but also its design and features have a big influence to our web design and development. People are getting develop their web project more like Twitter. This post will help you find 20 best tutorials and resources that are Twitter-like and useful for your web projects.

Twitter-like Tutorials and jQuery Plugins

The list of the best tutorials and jQuery plugins that is almost identical. There are a lot of similar tutorials and jQuery plugins out there but these below are the best and highly recommend for you to follow.

Twitter like Search with jQuery and Ajax

This tutorial about how to display twitter like search results with jQuery and Ajax. This is so simple and you can learn how to use the ajax search with jQuery and PHP. Tutorial by Srinivas Tamada.

Perfect signin dropdown box likes Twitter with jQuery

A tutorial shows you how to create a login drop down with Twitter style using jQuery. In this tutorial, you will learn how to use the jQuery toggle effect.

Create a Twitter-Like “Load More” Widget Using CSS, HTML, JSON, and jQuery or MooTools Javascript Example

This tutorial teaches you to use AJAX, CSS, Javascript, JSON, PHP, and HTML to create the load more effect like Twitter. It will also feature both jQuery and MooTools versions of the script.

How to create a Twitter-style alert with jQuery, CSS, and PHP

This is the nice tutorial by Brian Cray help us to display an alert to your users with jQuery and CSS similar to the one used by Twitter.

Twitter-like pagination using CakePHP and jQuery

A tutorial explains how to create a pagination system using CakePHP and jQuery that is almost identical to twitters.

Twitter-like pagination using CodeIgniter and jQuery

A tutorial is the same as above but works with CodeIgniter and jQuery.


jQuery plugin: Simplest Twitter-like dynamic character count for textareas and input fields

A jQuery plugin by Alen Grakalic built for limit letter typed to 140 characters. The information is not only provided merely by displaying a number, there are different colors applied to certain stages to notify the user about the status. That will be a simplest technique.

Twitter Trackbacks Widget – A jQuery Plugin

This is a highly customizable Twitter trackbacks widget to integrate tweets that mention your post into your blog. Each tweet comes with reply & retweet links to get more readers engaged in your story conversation. That is an awesome jQuery Plugin for twitter by Mike More. Highly recommend to check out other plugins for Twitter made by him.

jMaxInput: jQuery Twitter-Like Textarea

jMaxInput is yet another jQuery plugin which allows you to limit the input size of a textarea like it is done in Twitter. The number of characters left to type are shown while typing. However, the color of number will not be changed when it remains and almost reachs zero.

‘Notify Bar’ plugin

Simple plugin (basically it’s not a plugin, but widget) to show notify bar (like on Twitter’s webpage). You can easily customize the style with this plugin!

tipsy – Facebook-style (and Twitter) tooltip plugin for jQuery

Tipsy is a jQuery plugin for creating a Facebook-like tooltips effect based on an anchor tag’s title attribute. Twitter are using the same plugin with their tooltips for drop login box.

jQuery plugin for Twitter

A simple, unobtrusive and customisable client-side method for easily embedding a Twitter feed into a web page.

Realtime Related Tweets Bar: Another jQuery Plugin

A real-time tweets bar using jQuery search all related tweets to your posts from your twitter timeline or from anybody or even limit it by a geocode coordinates!

Best tutorials to work with Twitter

This roundup is presenting some of the best tutorials explain how to work with Twitter such as: mastering the Twitter’s timeline update, updating the Twitter using API…

A jQuery Twitter Ticker

A tutorial using pure jQuery & CSS to create twitter ticker which utilizes Twitter’s Search API. It will show your or your friends’ latest tweets, and will not require any server side code or databases.

Create a Fun Tweet Counter With jQuery

In this tutorial, we will create a widget for a blog or personal website that shows what hours during the day we tweet at the most using jQuery to call Twitter’s API.

How to Update your Twitter Status with CodeIgniter

In this tutorial we will update our twitter status via the ‘Twitter API’ using CodeIgniter. It’s worth seeing for building a simple twitter updater.

A Twitter List Powered Fan Page

Base on the “lists” feature of Twitter, you will learn how to create a widget that goes in the sidebar allows visitors to fill in their Twitter name and join a special fan list from your Twitter account. Awesome tutorial on Tutorialzine.com.

Twitter followers counter PHP script

Create a simple PHP Script to count your Twitter followers and cache the result. this PHP script can be used in any application. Highly recommend for someone who need to display the twitter follower with custom background.

Display your tweets without a plugin for WordPress – Javascript solution

This is a javascript solution for display your latest tweets on your WordPress blog without using plugin. This solution uses the javascript library from official twitter website.

Easily display your last Tweet