1,000 Subscribers!

written by BlogEx on March 6, 2008 in Site News with 13 comments

SubscribeWell it took a while, but this blog has crossed the 1,000 subscriber mark for the first time ever! The number has been hovering in the 900’s for at least a couple of weeks now and wouldn’t you know it, I just needed to turn this thing over to some great guest posters to get over the hump.

When I started this experiment almost exactly 8 months ago, I really had no idea where it would go or how well it would be received, but I couldn’t be happier with how it’s turned out. I’ve been privileged to meet loads of fellow bloggers, earn a decent auxiliary income, and learn a TON along the way.

Thanks so much for subscribing and visiting the site. I can confidently say I wouldn’t be here or have accomplished any of the goals I set if it weren’t for you so I really do appreciate the time you spend here. They say the second thousand subscribers is much easier to get than the first. Let’s hope that’s true. 2,000 here we come!